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What are the best skate board bearings?

i want to get some new bearings that are cheap and i can buy them in a skate shop not the internet. I no that reds are good and speedmetal but i want ur input on what u think are the best. I want them to be good but cheap. thx

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    Cheap and local do not go together regularly. Skate shops have a lot of overhead and need to charge it on all items whether they use their skills to help you or not. If you use their time to get advice, pay them for it by buying from them. If not, I feel no guilt buying online.

    There are a lot of less known brands that will work just as good as the expensive ones, but you have to find out which ones you can get.

    Many good cheap bearings are packed with grease. You can wash it out and use oil for faster rolling.

    However, grease can cover up the slop in really poor bearings. If they are not abec rated or from a company with good quality, try twisting the inner race sideways to see if there is excessive play.

    ABEC 1 will get past that point and higher ABEC ratings do not have anything to do with the ability of bearings to work in boards or skates.

    I get my bearings from www.rollerbob.com

    Just happen to have the best of both worlds, a mail order shop that happens to be local. Bob is honest and will not try to oversell you on higher end bearings that won't be useful to you.

    Source(s): 14+ years of skating.
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    Bones Red's

    The Best For The Price

    But The Absolute Best Are Bones Swiss Ceramics, There Over $100 Dollars Though!

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    Reds are the best and bones reds black pathers i've herd are the best out of the best but if ur looking at something cheap you should get reds cause there're really good to have but even more cheaper are sector 9 grease ball bearings. there good quality but reds i recomend the best

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  • 4 years ago

    8 bearings are in a long board and that means you only need to buy one new set of bearings if your also wondering (8 per pack)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Swiss bearings by bones but there expensive!


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