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What are some inventions that will be useful for saving energy?

I have to make a new invention combining two renewable energy's for example like solar power and water can you please give me some ideas.

All help is appreciated.

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    A new invention may take time to develop, test and build. An innovation is the use of existing technology in a manner that may not have been wide spread or practical before.

    Use your idea of solar energy and water.

    The obvious problem with solar power is that it only works during the days. A problem with hydro power is that typically once it goes through the dam and turbines the potential energy is reduced. It is gone to make its way out to sea, not to return until it rains or snows.

    Combine the two to make alternative energy more consistent and useful.

    Have a hydro plant use a high elevation dam that flows through turbines to a lower reservoir. Use solar panel arrays over the lower reservoir to power pumps that pump the water back up hill. The panels over the water should have a clear sky to maximize energy produced and the shade they cast will help reduce water evaporation.

    During peak energy use the power from the hydro and the solar are sent to the power grid. During daytime off peak hours the solar recharges the upper reservoir.

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    What Rights Does A Patent Grant

    The grant confers "the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States"

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    Solar Energy,

    Wind Energy,

    Tidal (Sea) Energy,


    Nuclear Energy,


    Helium outside atmosphere

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    Heat pumps (look them up), particularly solid state ones using the magnetocaloric or electrocaloric effects. If they ever become commercially viable, they could cut heating energy use by 80-90% or even more. (and emissions by even more if they're powered by electricity)

    Energy storage - using renewable energy to pump water up a hill, charge a battery or spin a flywheel (look it up if you don't know what it is). Or to split water into hydrogen to use in a fuel cell later.

    First things that spring to mind. :)

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