Shouldn't such trivial social issues as immigration, gay marriage and ....?

.... empty celebrity gossip, be put on the back burner while we figure out WHY PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE LICENSED BEFORE HAVING CHILDREN!?

With the levels of irresponsibility in regard to missing children, abused children and murdered children, isn't it long overdue that law makers focus on the fact that any idiot can (and usually do) have kids and that maybe it's in the best interest of society as a whole, that we insure that people who have kids have some inkling of an idea of what they are doing!?

Of course, it isn't ALWAYS an issue that results in death. Sometimes they are "just" abused so badly that they grow up to be porn stars and/or criminals, as well.

So how exactly is it that the most important thing to society (the welfare of the children being raised within it) is constantly over looked not only by law makers, but even the people who breed?

Is it believable that even the media doesn't focus on the problem, unless they can get some ratings out of it (sensationalism!)! How about a focus on the solutions!?

It would mean that if a person could not pass a series of tests on the proper and safe ways to rear a child, they would become ineligible to legally have a child, but haven't we seen enough of what happens when we don't even have the decency to educate people with basic parenting skills in high school!?!?

How can we bring this to the table and make those in power understand that the time is right for mandatory licensing of expecting parents!?

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    I agree completely. I often wonder why people are not taught more about parenting.

    People with unfortunate backgrounds/circumstances aside, even the better off people seem to build into their children all these complexes and others live their life through their children. Broken homes are becoming more likely.

    I think people should be educated about parenting from allot of aspects including phsychologically, it's important to build good ideals into your children from an early age, parents are the most influential teachers of kids and they can instill in them important things that can change the world to a better place.

    I think people should also be re-educated as to why they should have children. it seems to be either "the next step" in marriage, or as a band-aid to a lousy relationship, or, as many seem to do, have babies because they are "cute"! It's funny but it is true! What they don't think about it that this baby you are holding and playing with today, tomorrow will become a full grown adult, and unless you are capable of giving it EVERYTHING, sparing it all the COMPLEXES that you have had, and then some... then you shouldn't be a parent. Instincts can be controlled, all other instincts are..

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    Interesting how immigration and gay marriage are on the same level as celebrity gossip ... well, whatever.

    As nice as the idea of preventing people unfit to be parents from becoming them there are a few problems such as potentially being a violation of a person's rights, not truly being an issue of governmental concern (which itself is a pretty big issue at the moment) and not being practically enforceable. Of course if you weren't being serious then, yeah, totally! And you should have to retest every 5 years! Fail and the kids get taken away and given to better parents. If nothing else it would reduce Madonna's collection a little.

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    Love Love LOVE this post. I have been wondering the same myself. If I hear that ignorant fool Perez Hilton ONE MORE TIME ON CNN I'm going to fahreak out! But yeah, I think people reproducing just because they have the working parts to is INSANE! No one thinks of the consequences of their actions anymore.

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  • YaShen
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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately, that would be impossible. Fools have been breeding children for years. Many people have the mentality that since it's their kids...they can treat them as they please. I know people who have used their young children's names for lights and cable and etc...under age kids (I have no idea how these people do it) They ruin their kids credit, many of them neglect their kids, abuse them or let them get abused by their partners.

    The world is a sick place. I fear for my children, because it seems to only get worse!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very Idealistic post, but its a fundamental basic human right to procreate,it cannot be regulated.

  • Lex
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    1 decade ago

    I really like this idea!

    Some people just shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

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