Even I know all about Wicca and its Ethics!?

Why do I keep hearing as a good and true witch is not wise to bind some one? and what is the difference on binding some one and neutralizing the enemy's harm?

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    I wouldn't hesitate to bind where binding is necessary. But, I allow absolute freedom wherever I can. (and sometimes even when it's not necessary or wanted) I'd prefer to err on the side of freedom.

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    Anytime you're interfering with another's free will it can backfire on you. Whether it draws their attention solidly in your direction or if it puts them in even more of a frustrated state that they explode at some point, striking out against another, the binding is going to cause further harm when certain limits in the other person are reached.

    A neutralizing is very different, it diffuses the harm being directed,either by watering it down so much it negates the action or by pushing the energies off at a tangent to go in a very different and non-harmful way. You're not stoppering everything up, bottling it up so it explodes (which is the binding results). You change the direction the actions are focused in, in a non-harmful way to the person who was the danger.

    The only legitimately ethical binding I can think of is to stop a predator or pedophile from doing real, physical harm to others. You have to make the choice to accept any backlash of energies that come from that, but the choice to help stop a murder or rape of another offsets that.

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    Depends on what you're binding them for. Binding them from doing harm, if they have been doing harm, is not a bad thing. You just have to make sure you're not doing to because they've said mean things, or made up rumors, or for some other stupid reason. You would bind a murderer, for instance, from murdering someone else, things like that.

    Binding someone for something against their will, however, is wrong.

    Neutralizing negative energy can be done a number of ways - there are about a thousand rituals out on the net you can look at to find one that suits you.

    I don't know which Wiccans you've heard all this from, but the original form of Wicca held that binding was perfectly fine, so long as it was done for the right reasons. But Wiccans are free to do as they please, so it might not be right for some.

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    I think good and bad are subjective, not clear cut.

    For example, I would say binding someone could be unethical if you're just doing it because you feel like it, or don't like the person. This is why I think the warnings are there: this is something that should be taken under serious consideration.

    However, binding someone who is a threat to you, themselves or others, is sometimes necessary, and if one is honest and careful in evaluating the situation and feels it is warrented, I don't think it's unethical.

    Put it into mundane perspective:

    If you just throw yourself down on someone because they are slightly annoying to hold your hand over their mouths, that is assault. If someone is attacking you, or someone else, or trying to kill themselves, and seems to have the capacity and the will to do the damage, throwing yourself on them to restrain them may be perfectly warrented.

    Binding is a means of neutralizing them. Neutralizing is a general term that sounds fancy, but really doesn't mean anything on it's own-- you have to have a plan of how it's going to be done.

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    Generally, Witches will find "mundane" ways to find solutions to their problems (i.e. discussion with one who is causing trouble) before taking any action in a Magical sense. Binding someone would require the person causing great harm against another to be done, and a Witch would take great consideration as to how great the situation would have to be before binding anyone for any reason.

    Also note, that Wiccans are not the only Witches out there.

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    Neutralizing harm is shielding yourself or someone who has given you permission to do so. Binding someone is directly working against an unwilling target. Besides the free will arguments, many feel that bindings also create bonds between you and the target...which is generally counterproductive to your original purpose.

    There are witches who feel it is ok to bind, although they generally recognise the potential consequences and are willing to deal with them.

    Witches are not necessarily Wiccans.

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    To me, binding someone from doing anything is against their free will, being as they have chosen to do what ever it is that they are doing, its still their free will. I have done this before and it was accomplished, but i think, looking back on it now, it would have been better,for them and me, if i had just done a spell to neutralize the bad energy that this person is putting into the world, rather than affecting the person directly..

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