which types of music come from jazz?

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    Earlier Jazz, and particularly swing, popularised and brought the 'Song' form into it's full limelight in the 20th Century where it still remains today.

    It also is responsible for today's preference of small groups of musicians playing based on a drum kit and beat.

    Among other things; Rock and Roll stemmed from Jazz and as we all know, that went onto influence and develop Rock and Pop music as we know it today, which has also influenced and created billions of other musical styles such as Dance, Metal, etc. Modern Rnb & Hip Hop both have their roots firmly set in Jazz also.

    Improvisation was a key development too, it popularised the idea of free soloing in music which promoted the idea that popular music didn't need to be fixed, it could be created on the spur of the moment. Amongst other things this idea influenced the guitar solo in modern rock music.

    So while the first answerer is correct in listing some later jazz developments, he isn't giving you the full picture; essentially almost all, or at least a giant proportion of, modern music has jazz to thank for it's roots.

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    Quite a lot of musicians have been influenced by Jazz.

    Everything from pop, to death metal.

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    latin jazz

    jazz rock

    third stream

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