Can you please rate my Pokemon Diamond team?

If you see EV: -some stat under there move set that means I used berries to get rid of that stat and increase some other stats in the example of Heracross since he has no sp attack moves. Also all are level 100 and I did not bother to put natures since I did not bother to care about them (I have my reasons).

Dragonite: Leftovers

Inner Focus


Ice Beam



Rotom (normal): Dread Plate


Shadow Ball



Dark Pulse

EV: -attack

Gastrodon (west): Icicle plate

Storm Drain

Ice Beam


Sludge Bomb (maybe recover?)


EV: -speed

Heracross: Hard Stone


Brick Break

Stone Edge

Close Combat


EV: -sp attack

Snorlax: Black glasses

Thick Fat




Sleep Talk

EV: -sp attack

Skuntank: Charcoal




Poison Jab

Night Slash


hmm get rid of ice beam... never thought of that

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    A very good, well put together team. I see a few flaws overall, but nothing too serious that can't be fixed.


    I see you are going with a mixed set for Dragonite. Fly isn't the best choice in moves. Replace it with Aerial Ace or you could even go with Roost as an option to recover off damage and help with Leftovers. It also cancels Dragonite's rock weakness for a turn and reduces ice damage as well.

    Rotom isn't mean't to be an all-out attacker and with his puny HP stat, his substitutes aren't going to last through much. I recommend letting it be the statuser or screener for you team, preferably the former. If you give it both Thunder Wave and Will-O-Wisp it will be able to pass around status like the flu. As for an item, something to help it live would be useful. Focus Sash comes to mind. You'll be able paralyze/burn and then hit back or switch out to do it later.

    I'm going to have to disagree with Christian on this one, poison moves don't exactly get the greatest coverage. They only hit 2 things super-effectively. Take off Sludge Bomb in favor of Recover. Since your Gastrodon lacks Sticky Hold, its item can be stolen/removed, etc. Still, go with leftovers to compliment Recover in a similar manner to the Dragonite strategy. If you want Gastrodon to put out more damage, give it Wise Glasses (boosts sp.atk) or Expert Belt (boosts super effective damage).

    Your Heracross is great, albeit because he doesn't have many options to begin with, but still. Take out Brick Break for something like Earthquake or even Night Slash. Swords Dance is viable if you think your Heracross is fast enough to survive and sweep. For an item, Muscle Band is defintely the best. It boosts physical attacks 20% You could opt for Scope Lens, which if combined with Stone Edge or Night Slash, gives you an even higher chance for a critical hit.

    Snorlax is a great special wall. Your choice in items is again in question here, give it leftovers to insure it lasts longer or you could try the berry that removes sleep status, Chesto I believe if you plan to stick with the RestTalk set.

    Your choice of Skuntank is...original to say the least. He's great at what he does, which is hurt stuff. Have you considered Explosion? It's a great final surprise if you need to take down a serious threat on your opponent's team.

    My last piece of advice is to recommend you to look into nature breeding. Even if you don't want to, it's highly recommended, even for the non-competitve side of things. You don't want a Snorlax or Heracross with modest nature, a Mild Skarmory, etc. Here's a list of natures for you to check. Best of luck in your battles.

  • Well look who's back for more. Did you really think you could stop me from answering the questions I wanted to answer? I don't think so.

    The fact that you don't care about natures means you're too lazy to breed for the right ones and are hence, NOT a competitive player. You probably think its okay to give something like Rotom a brave nature, or to give Heracros a Modest one. Learn2nature my friend, learn2nature.

    Now, lets begin your teams assesment.


    Fly = FAIL. Take it off, the turn you go up, they switch into something that resists it like Magnezone or Bronzong. Since you're making your Dragonite a mixed attacker, go with Aerial Ace, Air Cutter or even Roost (to recover HP).


    Substitute = FAIL. Rotom doesn't have the HP to throw up even halfway decent subs. Since you don't have a status inducer on this team, take off Dark Pulse (terrible coverage) and Substitute for Will-O-Wisp and Thunder Wave. This way even if Rotom goes down, your other pokemon will have a much easier time killing them. Your choice in items isn't that hot either, toss off Dread Plate for Focus Sash.


    Sludge Bomb = FAIL. Poison has horrible type coverage. Replace with Recover so you can heal off damage. Give Gastrodon an item like Leftovers to help with recovery or give it Wiseglasses to boost both Surf AND Ice Beam's damage.


    This one you actually managed to pull off, somewhat. Ditch Brick Break in favor of something more useful. Earthquake, Night Slash or Swords Dance Come to mind. You could even use the Endure + Salac Berry combo to boost Hera's speed up and fire back with imputy.


    Ahh, the rest talker set, remove BlackGlasses for Leftovers or Lum Berry and it will be fine.


    Standard set, needs more Explosion. Toss off Poison Jab.

    And so there you have it, my evaluation of your team. I gave a fair assessment, now it's up to you whether to be bias or not. It's just a bunch of frail sweepers that have no overall strategy, hence why I said to give Rotom some status moves.

    If you can't handle criticism, get off the interwebz right now.

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    Very nice.I am seeing a lack of strategy in your team.Whether or not your team is meant to have strategy or not,I think a little more could not hurt.Your held items are great.Since Dragonite already has ice beam,I suggest you take ice beam of of gastrodon and add recover without replacing sludge bomb,then look for a held item to either help gastrodon gain health,or boost surfs power.Other than that,great team.I rate it 7/10.


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    Great team! There is only one suggestion that I would like to make for your team: Replace Dragonite's Fly with either Aerial Ace or Dragon Dance.

    Other than that, a GREAT team.


    Hope this helps :)

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    Great team.

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah its an awesome team if you have a charizard put it in

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