Why does the government in Pakistan allow armed Taliban to control a significant part of the country?

Shouldn't the government be in control of the only armed force in its territory if it wishes to hold the country together?


jeeper p-- The Indians owned the land back then. The government at least tries to deal with the gangs. They don't sign treaties with them ceding parts of the country to them.

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    The Pakistanis must see more benefit in having the Taliban than the government.

    Remember, the taliban provides many services that the corrupt government cannot.

    Ultimately, the citizens should be fully armed, so that if they wished to prevent any sort of oppression, be it by the pakistani government, the taliban, or an invader.

    With America bombing pakistan, 200 or 300 bombings in the past few years (each killing civilians) while we are not technically at war, the pakistanis see themselves as under attack from outsiders who fund their own government - a government with very little control outside of the capital.

    With a group like the Taliban, there is really no way to defeat it. Guerrilla warfare involving sons and fathers in each household is a quagmire. You can commit genocide and kill them all, or you can slowly get picked off hunting down and torturing suspects, creating more resistance in the process.

    A good idea on our part, is to not fund such groups in the first place lol. I would say the pakistani government should probably do all it can to cut ties with america, to look more autonomous and separated form us, as it will give them more credibility.

    Remember, throughout the middle east for years and years, past american president after president, USA is seen as an occupier and killer of Muslims. Being connected to us, funded by us, working with us, will not buy trust or favor of the public.

    *I would think our last financial transaction with Pakistan would be an attempt to purchase their nukes form them.

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    Why does the US allow gangs to control neighborhoods in US Cities ?

    Why did the US allow indians to control the west untill the late 1800's ?

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    might happen here

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