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When will the world free the Palestinians.?

For nearly 2 years they have been imprisoned in the Gaza Strip. and the remaining Palestinians are slowly being squeezed from the West Bank. The only country to now help them are the US but the new Obama government are just dragging their heels, The UN can do little as the US always applies its veto. Is the world prepared to sit and watch a nation destroyed by Israel. If the US do nothing and the UN cant there is only one power left who may be able to put a stop to the genocide and that's the EU. Do they have the will and push to do something to help this once proud nation ? Please read the link before replying.



I should add to the septics here that Israel are breaking international laws by imprisoning people in an occupied state and by building settlements in the West Bank. Both these have been deemed by the UN as illegal

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    It will be hard to get the US to do anything because the population is 41% Jewish.Many people have been fooled into Israel's false front that Israel is morally right and the Palestinians are wrong when it is the other way around and their lives and land are being stolen from them as the Israelies work on their goal to annex the West Bank and gaza strips. It just seems like No one sees this or do not care or believe it.Yes, President Obama is dragging his feet on it because of the large Jewish population.

    This last UN meeting, Israel persuaded the strongest countries to abstain as if she could not defend herself against what the Iranian President would saye about Israel. He may be a fanatic, but there are definitley issues Israel does NOT wish to be resolved-the biggest being the two-state. Her shot at annexing the West Bank and gaza strips would be lost.

    Th Iranian President, although somewhat of a fanatic, had some serious points of discussion.

    First, whom is committing crime of humanity-some of the same ones the Nazis used on them-LEAVE OR BE KILLED, mass graves(witnessed by Amnesty International-US & UN barred for 11 days), kills those opposed to their views(peace activists and accuses them of being terrorists(NO PROOF),uses cluster and phosphorous bombs on civilians, blows up places where no terrorists were found-(UN buildings, churches, schools(classes in attendance)hospitals), Illegally condemns houses for their own use, builds settlements and buffer zones for THEIR people ONLY("pure race"-Hitler), ethnic cleansing(killing Palestinians like the Nazis killed the Jews), controls what the media sees and hears(UN very good example),wants oath pledged(like Nazi use of the yellow arm band on Jews)-make killing easier, treats their victims inhumanely-cutting off food, water, power, medicines, jobs,bulldozes over Israelie condemned Palestinian cemeteries to build the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Peace(contradiction in terms). These are just some of the similiarities the Israelies have with the Nazis that truly need to be addressed. Every opportunity for Peace, Israel seems to torpedo-why is she beingso stubborn? No one can have it ONLY their way-there must be negotiations-Israel will not hear of it.

    If this is NOT racist, I would sure hate to see what they would REALLY do if they were racists by their OWN standards.

    † Thorae † : now whom is the idiot-apologies accepted.The following is a JEWISH source. YOU are NOT even familiar with your OWN people.


    These are the true facts up to the British Mandate. Before the British Mandate, the Ottoman Empire occupied Palestine. In 1922, the Arabs organized several revolts driving out and ending Ottoman occupation of Palestine.the United States abdicated any further role in the new European order after the summer of 1919.Britain and France divided the Middle East between them. In April 1920, in the small Italian town of San Remo, Britain and France divide the Middle East into mandates while the American ambassador read his newspaper in the garden. Britain obtained Palestine, Transjordan Palestine and Transjordan remained a single administrative unit until 1946, but in 1922, Transjordan was detached from the area to which the Balfour Declaration applied. This has remained a grievance with the Zionist side.The area to the east of the river Jordan was definitely included in the area promised to Husayn in 1915; the linking of Palestine and Transjordan was administrative convenience for Britain and did not indicate any recognition of Zionist claims to the East Bank of the Jordan.

    In accordance with the principles of the Balfour Declaration and Article 22 of the League Convenant, the League of Nations drew up the Mandate for Palestine. The document underwent numerous changes. Arab pressure and riots in Palestine had brought about the Churchill White Paper of 1922, which again reiterated the right of the Jews to a Homeland in Palestine. Britain detached all of the area east of the Jordan river from Palestine and gave it to the Hashemi family as an independent Arab state to appease the Hashemites, who had lost Syria to the French and Saudi Arabia to ibn Saud. Others believe that Transjordan was never a part of Palestine. Maps drawn by the Zionists and presented for consideration during deliberations regarding the mandate included a part of Transjordan. POLITICAL, NOT, LAND borders were set up for Jews and Arabs. ARAB Palestine was to remain ONE country.

    While the Mandate was derived from the Balfour Declaration and based on it, it amplified and interpreted the declaration beyond the meaning of the original wording. In particular, Article 6 reads:

    ART. 6. The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced,

    The Balfour declaration had stated: "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

    While it could be possible to develop a Jewish national home while respecting the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities, it would be totally impossible to develop a Jewish national home without prejudicing the position of the Arabs of Palestine, who had been a majority and would become a minority as the result of Jewish immigration. So interpreted, the mission of the Mandatory would become impossible. The British interpreted this clause to mean at least that Arabs must have economic parity with Jews, and that the Jewish sector of Palestine could not develop unless the Arab sector developed.

    Arabs were 95% of the population of Palestine.The Jews wanted a homeland-Israel as a country did not exist,only as a peoples.The British encouraged foreign Jews with little or no ties to the Middle East to move to Palestine. The Jewish population grew 35%. World War II broke out.More Jews moved into Palestine arousing alarm among the ArabPalestinians.

    All but one of these Mandated Territories became fully independent States, as anticipated.The exception was Palestine where, instead of being limited to "the rendering of administrative assistance and advice" the Mandate had as a primary objective the implementation of the "Balfour Declaration" issued by the British Government in 1917, expressing support for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people".

    During the years of the Palestine Mandate, from 1922 to 1947, immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe took place, the numbers swelling in the 1930s with the notorious Nazi persecution of Jewish populations. Arab Palestinian demands for independence and resistance to Jewish immigration led to a rebellion in 1937, followed by continuing terrorism and violence from both sides during and immediately after World War II. Great Britain tried to implement various formulas to bring independence to a land ravaged by violence. In 1947, Great Britain turned the problem over to the United Nations.

    1947-1977 - After looking at various alternatives, the UN proposed the partitioning of Palestine into two independent States, one Palestinian Arab and the other Jewish, with Jerusalem internationalized (Resolution 181 (II) of 1947). A series of attacks by the murderous Jewish terrorist groups, labeled as such by the British, Stern and Irgun(now Likud) in particular, and acquiringof Palestinian without due enumeration led to the formation of Israel and in the 1948 war expanded to occupy 77 per cent of the territory of Arab Palestine. Israel also occupied the larger part of Jerusalem. Over half of the indigenous Palestinian population were instructed by both the Jewish terrorists and Arab forces to leave or they would be killed. Jordan and Egypt occupied the other parts of the territory assigned by the partition resolution to the Palestinian Arab State which did not come into being.

    In the 1967 war, Israel occupied the remaining territory of Palestine, until then under Jordanian and Egyptian control (the West Bank and Gaza Strip). Israel occupied Arab East Jerusalem. The war brought about a second exodus of Palestinians, estimated at half a million. Security Council resolution 242 (1967) of 22 November 1967 called on Israel to withdraw from territories it had occupied in the 1967 conflict, including Arab East Jerusalem.

    In 1974, the General Assembly reaffirmed the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, national independence and sovereignty, and to return. The following year, the General Assembly established the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. The General Assembly then recognized the PLO as the status of observer in the Assembly and in other international conferences held under United Nations auspices.

    1977-1990 - In June 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon with the declared intention to eliminate the PLO. A cease-fire was arranged. PLO troops withdrew from Beirut and were transferred to neighboring countries after guarantees of safety were provided for thousands of Palestinian refugees left behind. The Israelis performed a large-scale massacre of refugees in the camps of Sabra and Shatila.

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    My answer would be NEVER. The world will never free Palestine because of the Super Power Israel. The UN can do NOTHING about it because the U.S. and Israel like you said. Please do not listen to these answers. Most people do not understand the meaning of logic. When logic is used, it usually means it's right and it has a good point. So why do the Palestinians have to live up with this crap? Palestinians were always Palestinians. Many people believe in the Israeli mass Media and that is why they are not on our side.

    A Synopsis of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    FOR CENTURIES there was no such conflict.

    In the 19th century the land of

    Palestine was inhabited by a multicultural

    population – approximately 86 percent Muslim,

    10 percent Christian, and 4 percent Jewish – living

    in peace.


    IN THE LATE 1800s a group in Europe decided

    to colonize this land. Known as Zionists, they

    represented an extremist minority of the Jewish

    population. Their goal was to create a Jewish

    homeland, and they considered locations in

    Africa and the Americas, before settling on


    At first, this immigration created no problems.

    However, as more and more Zionists

    immigrated to Palestine – many with the express

    wish of taking over the land for a Jewish state –

    the indigenous population became increasingly

    alarmed. Eventually, fighting broke out, with

    escalating waves of violence. Hitler's rise to

    power, combined with Zionist activities to sabotage

    efforts to place Jewish refugees in western

    countries, led to increased Jewish immigration

    to Palestine, and conflict grew.

    UN Partition Plan

    FINALLY, in 1947 the United Nations decided

    to intervene. However, rather than adhering to

    the principle of “self-determination of peoples,”

    in which the people themselves create their own

    state and system of government, the UN chose

    to revert to the medieval strategy whereby an

    outside power divides up other people’s land.

    Under considerable Zionist pressure, the

    UN recommended giving away 55% of Palestine

    to a Jewish state – despite the fact that this group

    represented only about 30% of the total population,

    and owned under 7% of the land.

    1947-1949 War

    WHILE IT IS WIDELY reported that the resulting

    war eventually included five Arab armies,

    less well known is the fact that throughout this

    war Zionist forces outnumbered all Arab and

    Palestinian combatants combined – often by a

    factor of two to three. Moreover, Arab armies

    did not invade Israel – virtually all battles were

    fought on land that was to have been the

    Palestinian state.

    Finally, it is significant to note that Arab

    armies entered the conflict only after Zionist

    forces had committed 16 massacres, including

    the grisly massacre of over 100 men, women,

    and children at Deir Yassin. Future Israeli Prime

    Minister Menachem Begin, head of one of the

    Jewish terrorist groups, described this as “splendid,”

    and stated: “As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere,

    we will attack and smite the enemy. God,

    God, Thou has chosen us for conquest.” Zionist

    forces committed 33 massacres altogether.

    By the end of the war, Israel had conquered

    78 percent of Palestine; three-quarters of a million

    Palestinians had been made refugees; over

    500 towns and villages had been obliterated;

    and a new map was drawn up, in which every

    city, river and hillock received a new, Hebrew

    name, as all vestiges of the Palestinian culture

    were to be erased. For decades Israel denied the

    existence of this population, former Israeli

    Prime Minister Golda Meir once saying: “There

    is no such thing as a Palestinian.”

    1967 War & USS Liberty

    IN 1967, Israel conquered still more land.

    Following the Six Day War, in which Israeli

    f o rces launched a highly successful surprise

    attack on Egypt, Israel occupied the final 22% of

    Palestine that had eluded it in 1948 – the West

    Bank and Gaza Strip. Since, according to international

    law it is inadmissible to acquire territory

    by war, these are occupied territories and do

    not belong to Israel. It also occupied parts of

    Egypt (since returned) and Syria (which remain

    under occupation).

    Also during the Six Day War, Israel

    attacked a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, killing

    and injuring over 200 American servicemen.

    P resident Lyndon Johnson recalled re s c u e

    flights, saying that he did not want to "embarrass

    an ally." (In 2004 a high-level commission

    chaired by Admiral Thomas Moore r, former

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, found this

    attack to be “an act of war against the United

    States,” a fact few news media have reported.)

    Current Conflict

    THERE ARE TWO primary issues at the core of

    this continuing conflict. First, there is the

    inevitably destabilizing effect of trying to maintain

    an ethnically preferential state, particularly

    when it is largely of foreign origin. The original

    population of what is now Israel was 96 percent

    Muslim and Christian, yet, these refugees are

    prohibited from retur

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    Give it up. It is not up to the world to free the Palestinians. It is up to the Palestinians to decide to live in peace with Israel. As long as they do not, they will not be free.

    For many years, many Palestinians have lived and worked in Israel and lived a better life than any Palestinian in Gaza or the West Bank.

    If Israel is breaking international law by occupying the West Bank and Gaza, then Egypt, Syria and the PLO broke international laws and peace by the failed attacks on Israel over the last 40 years.

    Give it up!!!

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    There's too much pride and no nation. They've been frozen out by Egypt and Jordan (where many of them come from) because of their behavior.The world awaits the Palestinians' freeing themselves from their extremists, at which point there will no longer be much of a problem. I suspect Israel would even eject some of their people from the West Bank settlements if that were to occur.

    Politics is all about compromise, and enough of the Palestinians are uncompromising that no political body will touch them.

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  • What genocide? (Anyone who believes that the deaths of a few hundred soldiers is a genocide has already lost all credibility. Yes I know there was some "collateral damage".)

    What West Bank? (The West Bank is actually called Judea and Samaria.)

    People in Gaza aligned themselves with the criminal Hamas terrorist organization. Israel has taken the necessary precautions to insulate themselves from whatever diabolical scheme people in Gaza are going to implement in order to harm them.

    Most criminals will complain about some of their rights having been taken away.

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    It is not up to the world,it is up to the Palestinians. That's been their problem for 60 years: they keep waiting for some external force to come to their rescue. It did not take long for Morocco and Tunisia to gain their independence but the Algerians had to fight long and hard and so will the Palestinians. They keep waiting for help,waiting an alternative to full-scale revolution. If they wait much longer their cause is lost. They need to fight now and they need to accept that the price will be high. Freedom once lost is not easily regained.

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    The media seems to be doing a good job of detracting people from that subject, right now the eyes are on Mexico instead of Gaza.

    Source(s): Swine flu April 27, 2009 over 160 deaths within a few weeks
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    The world will free the Palestinians when the world frees itself from the grip of the Zionist lobbies.

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    When they quit sending rockets into Israel.(formerly Palestine,formerly Israel King Davids Israel).Stopping the cycle of hatred.Would be a really big boost.That's on both sides.There has been murder aplenty on both sides. Then there can be the beginning of peace.

    Source(s): Middle east history.
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    As long as there are hardliners on both sides there will never be peace.

    Once there is peace then constructive steps can be used to assist them.

    Israel has no intention of destroying them as they would have done that years ago.

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    I've decided it's the cool, hip thing to do to stand up for the Palestinians and point fingers at Israel. We all know they aren't innocent.

    By the way, I didn't read your link, especially after reading your question.

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