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A few questions about a C-section...?

I just learned yesterday that I will have a C-section rather than be induced tomorrow. I'm not scared or nervous, but I do have questions...

How long will it take to recover from the drugs? When will I be able to hold my baby after the surgery? How long is a typical hospital stay after a C-section?

Sorry. I've been lucky enough to have two natural childbirths, and I knew what to expect with being induced, but now the game plan has changed!

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    hi i had a spinal epidural and was on my feet the next day i held my baby immediately after birth i stayed in hospital for a week but most people can leave after 3 days if everything goes ok

    good luck and i wish u well.......

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    hey i just had a c-section about 6 months ago..... For me I didnt fully recover till the next day after all the drugs... Only because I could not keep liquids or anything down it had an affect on me so I guess that is diffrent for anyone..... You should beable to hold youre baby after the surgery and the baby gets all checked out and cleaned up and you feel up to it... I passed out during my c-section and was out till about 3 hours after that. But within 10 mins after wakeing up I had held my son. The typical hospital stay for a c-section is a day later than what it would be if you gave a natural childbirth. So about 4 days you will be in the hospital for. I hope this had help!

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    I had an emergency section after being induced, so you will prob feel a lot better than I did, but I recovered from the drugs as soon as I stopped taking them. Most Of the drugs given to me (other than painkillers) were because of complications in my delivery, so you prob won't have them.

    I stayed for 3 days (most women were in for 24-48 hours)and refused morphine as it made me feel 'out of it' and I didn't find I needed anything more than strong oral painkillers. I was up and walking within 10 hours of surgery and had the catheta out after 12 hours.

    I felt fine after about 2 weeks and got the all clear after 4 for everything except pulling/carrying heavy shopping (so no hoovering...bonus!) I do reccommend holding the scar when you cough/laugh/sneeze and bending slightly. The hospital staff should also show you how to get in and out of bed, which can hurt a bit initailly

    I held my son two minutes after he was born (I was awake during operation) and then whenever I wanted 30 mins later. He had to be passed to me, but I was up and walking less than 12 hours later and could lift him in and out of the cot. They should provide you with a special c-section bed cot anyway, enabling you to reach your baby.

    Can I just add that I have heard that having a section can affect milk supply. I'm not sure if/why this is true, but My milk came in roughly 2 days after I had my son, so breast feeding was no more difficult for me than if I had had a natural birth. I didn't meet anyone on ward (who had a section) who had problems with their milk supply.

    Good luck!

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    you will be fully recovered after 3 hours and you can hold your baby you might stay in the hospital for a day or two according to your case . nothing to worry about except there will be no milk in your breast for enough feeding for about 3 or 4 days later

    good luck

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