okay... so we are to plan for a business and we chose a travel agency for our group... now we are to make a business proposal... the problem is we dont know how to start it.... could please give us a sample introduction for business proposal for travel agency... PLEEEASE!!!!!! HELP... and if you could... could you also tell us important htings to put on our proposal content and maybe also a sample please... thank you in advance!!!!!

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    Identify your Mission: e.g "Provides the best and the most complete services in tourism"

    Slogan "Your happiness is our happiness"

    SWOT analysis:

    - Your Strength (Keys to success): company experience, friendly caring staffs, excellent marketing...

    - Your Weakness:

    - Opportunities: your country is promoting tourism industry (spill-over effect)...

    - Threat: growing global competition...

    Your products and servces:

    -Description: what products and servces you have

    -Differentiation: why should customers buy yours, not your competitors'


    -How much investment is needed

    -What is the structure of ownership

    -How much sales must be to make profits

    Location and facility layout:

    -Where the company is located and why (low living cost, good workers)

    -How big is facility, how it should be designed

    Supply Chain Management

    -How to manage your partners (partnering hotels, buses, airplanes): make sure that they deliver excellent services as well (their mistakes can offend your customers --> harm your reputation)

    Total Quality Control:

    -How to supervise, measure, and ensure high+ consistent quality in services offered to clients (allow your customers to provide feedback, welcome their complaints to improve your business, build a corporate culture of high quality at every level, empower and rewards staffs to solve problems and improve quality)

    Market analysis:

    -What are your targeted markets (by region, by demographics, by people's personalities, jobs, status, culture...)

    -What are market needs and trends (what each market segment values eg. old people want more luxurious accommodation b/c they can afford it, what is the trend in each segment e.g sophisticated, experience seeking adults tend to choose a certain type of activities or destination)

    -Market Growth: speculate the size of each segment in the next 5-10 yrs

    Main competitors:

    -Who are they

    -What are their strengths and weaknesses


    -What makes you better than competitors (better technology, business process, networks of partners ...)

    Source(s): memory of my business courses +
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  • Vireos
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    You need to explain what the business will be doing, who the clients will be, how you will fund it, what your costs / revenue will be, what services you will offer, etc. Check out the link below for more info.

    Source(s): and management classes at university
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