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Have you ever been bullied?


Were you that kind of a kid who always got picked on not even at school but other places too...

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    Yes. I even have people that bully me at the mall. They call me names, which I don't know why. One name they call me has a human name in it which is not even mine, so I don't know why they call me that. There is even one guy that is in University that never seen or heard from me or about me in four years that randomly went on this website that I don't go on(my friend goes on there and found it and told me about it)and posted all this really mean stuff about me. The person was in University at the time that he did this, I was not in University then, I was still in high school(I had to repeat grade eight because of math). However, I am in University now,and have not run into this person so far, and I'm glad, because I don't know what I would do if I seen this person. The person that I'm talking about went to Jr. High with me, and the school that he was in with me was a school that encouraged bullying(for example, a teacher saw me get pushed down the stairs and I broke my ankle and nothing was done about it when I reported it. I knew the person that pushed me did it on purpose since the person said "Haha the Freak Fell."). I never caused trouble, so I don't know why nothing was done whenever I was bullied. I did, however,start to defend myself when I figured out that the school never did anything about the bullying- I told bullies off,but I never used physical violence. The bullies,however,would make up lies about me,saying that I did something I never did,and get their friends to back up their lies,saying that I did do something I never did,and get me in trouble for things I never did. I guess the reason nothing was ever done about anything I reported was because I didn't have any friends to say anything,since I never lied or said that a friend saw this happened if they weren't, since I didn't do that(I never lied or asked my friends to back up a lie for me).Anyways, I am out of that school now, and I have talked to some people that have kids that went to that school that are younger than me, and they told me that they took their kids out of that school and put them in another school because nothing was being done about the bullying.

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    yes. i got picked on in 1st grade from this girl who didn't have a very good home life. it lasted until 6th grade when she left. she almost ruined my life, but know i can barely remember.

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    constantly for almost a decade.

    Still have trouble trusting people and making friends as a result, 30 years later.

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    nope, kid's knew me and that was that

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