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Anyone know any places to stay close to Cory mine near Saskatoon?

my husband has to go to work there but we don't know any one there.

He has to find his own place and get to and from work. The mine is about 6km from Saskatoon on highway 7. So a place as close to Cory mine as possible would be great. (B and B, boarding house, Motel/Hotel or something cheapish)



I don't think you read the whole question. I am asking for names of places in Saskatoon!!

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    The closest hotels will be on 22nd and unfortunately they are not that nice of hotels, that area is not the greatest, he may find a good deal, but not sure he would want to stay there once he got a peek at the locals. I have not stayed at any of these places nor do I know any one who has but these are a few that would be the closest to Cory.

    I have no idea of the prices either but the phone numbers are there for you to inquire.


    3301-22nd Street West,

    PH: (306) 384-1957


    3330 Fairlight Drive

    384-2882 or 1-800-265-3358


    2501-22nd Street West,

    (306) 382-3722 or 1-800-667-5268

    B&B in the area


    3428 Dieppe Street, Ph: (306) 382-0444

    Did your husband check with the company he is working with to see what accommodations there would be in the area? Sometimes they have a list for their workers.

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    Check out the Saskatchewan Bed and Breakfast Association website. B&Bs are not the cheapest places to stay, however. Try Super 8 or Days Inn in Saskatoon. You won't find anything any closer to Corey. There is nothing there except empty prairie. You will find that most people who work at the mine live in Saskatoon.

    Source(s): Me - Sask. resident
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    Saskatoon is only 6 kms away - that's pretty darned close and I am afraid that is as close as you are going to get.

    Edit: Actually I DID read the whole question - you said 'near' Saskatoon. Just google "hotels in saskatoon" and see what you come up with (or click this link:

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