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question about working colombia.?

someone told me you dont need a work visa to work here. that you can simply use your Id number (cedula de extranjeros).is this true? if not is it true you have to leave the country in order to get a work visa?


obama is a socialist you obviously have no idea what youre talking must know absolutely nothing about colombia or at least working in colombia you are wrong about eight times over.

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    If you have a TRUE cedula de extranjeria - you don't. If you have one for being married to a Colombian you do.

    Also -what are you thinking about doing in Colombia? It is INCREDIBLY hard to get a job in Colombia. And if you do, your employer KNOWS there are 1000s of people in line behind you who want jobs.. You will probably work 6 days and no less than 10 hours a day. Maybe more. The minimum wage in Colombia is about 200 dollars a month. It will take 10 of you to make enough to survive.

    If you speak fluent English - you can put an ad in El Tiempo and because you are a NATIVE speaker you will get students.

    Good luck.

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