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Jen M asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

Why is my Female Marigold Swordtail fish hiding? help!?

I bought a male and a female Marigold swordtail the other day, and i have this castle, and every now and then shes always hiding in there, but there are times the male is on one side the of tank and the female is on the other side, but both get along, because I do see them swimming around with each other..

I don't think shes pregnant, because I've seen enough Mollies pregnant..

But what could the reason why she's acting like this? Hiding or staying on the other side of the tank from the male marigold swordtail, yet at times swims around with the male...

Could this mean she Might be pregnant, just not with allot of fry? shes active so i don't think shes dying.. Well i hope not, I want both of them to make babies.. (crosses fingers)..

I got them on the same day and they were in the same tank, so i don't think shes scared of the male or whatever...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Ah Marigold Swordtails… those might be my favorite tropical fish. :) I just love their coloring. I used to have a few females and different males – with babies everywhere! I think I probably went through five or six generations before the local stores quit carrying the Marigolds. I had to start mixing in Reds after that… still nice looking fish though!

    She could be hiding for many reasons – but as long as she’s not thrashing around or scratching against objects in the tank, she’s probably just fine. Currently I have two main females in my large community tank and a single male along with a few other adult females that don’t seem to care too much for breeding.

    Very often one or more will go “missing” and I will have to look around or open the top so they know I’m around. Hiding is no big deal… especially if there are more fish in the tank. They can have favorite areas to hang around and can be moody just like people. ;)

    It is very possible that she is pregnant already – many come home from the pet store that way. It is also very possible that shes just not quite used to her environment yet. Also, some females don’t look pregnant but they are only days away from spitting out a million little ones.

    Right now in my tank I have at least 20 fry from a single mother… I’m going to have to give most of them away to my sister-in-law so we can mix bloodlines. You have to be careful when your fish keep breeding – it can cause physical problems with the fry after a while so keep that in mind. ;)

    Just keep an eye on her, I’m sure she’s fine. Enjoy your Marigolds! I wish we had some around here… they are my favorite color. Good luck! :)

    Source(s): Experienced Tropical Fish Owner & Breeder - many many years :)
  • 1 decade ago

    Either the male is picking on her or she just needs to get used to her new environment. Some fish are shy and it takes time before they are comfortable in their new tank. You should turn your lights off in your tank for 2 days to help her. Keep a close eye on them and make sure the male is not picking on her.

  • 4 years ago

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