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the London free press... Social Studies Questions?

Suit Claims U.S. Knew of Torture

Maher Arar Alleges the U.S. deported him to Syria because of its violent interrogation techniques

Alison Gregor

NEW YORK -- A federal lawsuit filed yesterday against Attorney General John Ashcroft and other top U.S. officials alleges they knew Maher Arar would be tortured when they deported him to Syria in 2002. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Canadian by the Center for Constitutional Rights, also alleges U.S. authorities deported Arar, then under suspicion of being connected with al- Qaida, to take advantage of violent interrogation techniques banned in the United States.

"Federal officials intentionally deported Mr. Arar to Syria, precisely because that country can and does use methods to obtain information from detainees that would not be legal or morally acceptable in this country," lawyer Barbara Olshansky, deputy legal director of the New York-based group, said at a news conference.

The State Department has for many years regarded Syria as a violator of human rights. Arar, who is not allowed to enter the United States for five years, said in a conference call the lawsuit was "part of a goal to clear my name of any involvement in terrorism and to bring to account those responsible.

Later, he said in Ottawa it was too early to say whether he'll sue the Canadian government. Arar's lawyers have already filed multimillion-dollar lawsuits against Syria and Jordan, where he was first sent from the United States. Canadian officials have said American authorities made a mistake in deporting Arar.

Also named in the New York lawsuit were Homeland Secretary Secretary Tom Ridge, FBI director Robert Mueller, James Ziglar, a former commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and 14 other officials. A Justice Department spokesperson, Charles Miller, said government lawyers would "review the suit and respond accordingly in court." In a statement released Jan. 12, department officials said they have information indicating Arar is a member of al-Qaida and he remains a threat to national security.

Also in that statement, officials said the U.S. was provided with reliable assurances Arar would be treated humanely when he was deported. Arar, 33, a Syrian-born Canadian, was detained Sept. 26, 2002 as he passed through New York's JFK International Airport on his way home from a vacation in Tunisia. Arar, who has dual citizenship, was deported Oct. 8, flown to Jordan and driven in a car from there to Syria, where he spent a year in solitary confinement.

Arar says he endured the confinement and torture until last October, when he was released without explanation. Since then, the highest-ranking Syrian official in the United States has declared him innocent, Olshansky said. Arar has maintained his innocence. Arar's civil lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the eastern district under the Torture Victims Protection Act, a federal law that was adopted by the first president Bush.

While the lawsuit seeks monetary damages, there is no specific figure. "I need to clear my name and I want to make sure this does not happen to any other person. This does not mean that I am not asking for compensation. It's part of the whole justice issue," Arar said. "I need the United States government to say clearly that I am not a terrorist." Fallout from his deportation strained relations between Ottawa and Washington last fall. Since then, American officials have said they will notify Canada of deportations to a third country in the future, but have not promised to eradicate them altogether.

Prime Minister Paul Martin has promised to get to the bottom of the case, saying he wants to know if Canadian authorities fed information on Arar to their U.S. counterparts

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so my questions are::

1who is the main character?

2what happened to the main character?

3what are the events that led up to his detainment?

4what is detainment?

5who wrote this?

6when did these events take place?

7according to the article if someone wants to move to Canada, what 8problems might they have, as immigrants?

9what does the article say about Canada's ability to set its own rules for immigration and travel?

10what are the two reasons why Syria was chosen ?

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