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Bf lied. very hurrt. claims to love me LOADS says his past means nothing. HELP?

my bf who i have known for 6 years. dated for 1 year. lied to me. for 5 years he was after me confessing his undying luv. we live miles apart...he still did th sweetest things for me. drove hrs to see me only for a day, sent flowers on all my bdays, sent gifts to make me feel better. n asks me to marry him constantly. Lately i found a convo he had with his ex...he told me he is not in tohc with her. The convo was abt how he's lonely, gets no A*S*S*, feels unloved and abt how we have an open relationship (mind u I am a virgin..he is not n we dont have an open relationship.) His ex replied by saying dont owrry i am lonely and i dont get much either. They then later on continued talking abt me he said he is waiting for happiness or heartbreak. He showed her our pics and she said we looked gorgeous together and he said yeh we are very cute together. Neways back in the days i spoke to his family members (sis etc) and they told me how much he loves me. But now this has happ. What do I do? Also, I am studying to become a doc, I am better looking, richer, and a virgin. He smokes drinks gets high n is a highschol graduate. PLz adviceeee


He keeps on telling me that the girl meant nothing to him and he hid that he talked to her because he was afraid he would lose me..cuz I am a lil posessive. He keeps telling me he loves only me and has never loved another. Its hard to let go of him..I dont know what to do. His actions and words really show that he truly loves me. He is not a virgin and has had sexual relationships with multiple women.

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    You should read what you wrote again and again. You already know what is best. Dump him, he is a liar and a cheat. Men like that do not change. What if you get married, would you ever trust him? He should never be talking about you to his ex. It is non of her business. Your private life should be just that, Private. He uses drugs, and drinks, Oh yes, thats a winner. You have a very bright future ahead of you. Look at the goal. Focus! AS far as being better looking or richer, makes no difference. People who are rich and pretty can also be a pain in the ***.

    Good luck in your future.

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    Honey go find yourself a MAN that is going to appricate what w wonderful and independent person you are. If he loves you then not gettin some shouldn't matter. The girl means something to him if he opens up to her like that. His actions and words at that moment might show he loves you but love is all day everyday and it doesn't stop for a few moments.

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    You are also scary. You say you're studying to be a doctor but your grammar, punctuation and attitude towards life says that is a dream. Either you are a "troll" making this up or you are really immature. Anyone who is educated, in medical school, from a wealthy family would not be so stupid as to be involved with a lying,drinking,womanizing,uneducated "stoner". Sorry.

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    i think of you already understand the respond. You deserve greater proper. do no longer settle for much less. The verbal replace he had together with his ex approximately you 2 is amazingly disrespectful and him asserting you men have an open courting, once you already know which you do no longer, ability he's fishing for slightly greater exterior the courting. you're able to do greater proper and don't choose that for the period of your life. solid success with med college.

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    He's a user, liar, and manipulator. Worse yet he betrayed you to another girl, an ex. Leave him, and find someone who's worth your time and heart. It most certainly isn't him.

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    You need to drop kick this guy through the uprights or kick him to the curb (your choice)!

    Get your education. Travel the world. Do interesting things... BUT without him!

    You can do better than this guy!




  • Anonymous
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    you even said it yourself: you're too good for this 'loser', but know, with your attitude, you may not find another one that 'loves' you like him

  • 1 decade ago

    RUN -

    You are way better than this guy.

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