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What is wireless Lan.?

my laptop im getting has wireless lan, what does this mean. and can i use a wepkey code for my internet connection at home

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    wireless lan =wireless local area network- wlan- is used to wirelessly connect a computer to a wireless network usiung a wireless router. this gives u connection to the internet and the world wide web and also access to the intranet- other computers on ur network

    it connects using a wireless card if you dont have a wireless router in your house someone that lives near u probally has one thats unprotected and ur computer probally automatically connected to it while the computer started up

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    As others have said, a wireless lan is simply a network you can connect to without wires.

    That being said, having a laptop with a wireless network card doesn't give you a wireless LAN (Local Area Network). It's like a portable radio, you have to tune into a radio station for it to be of any use.

    That radio station is usually called a WAP (Wireless Access Point). They have them in various places, Starbucks for example. If you want one at home, you'll need to buy a wireless router, like this one you can get at Walmart:

    You hook up the router to your Internet connection then you can share your Internet connection with a variety of wireless devices, like your laptop.

    Hope this helps

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    A wireless lan is a local area network that is run on a wireless router.

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    Wireless Local Area Network. If you have a wireless router at home hooked up to your broadband internet connection then you can sign on to your internet wirelessly instead of having to plug up a cable.

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    prompt you would be waiting to upward push as much as 1500 ft on a sparkling flat piece of land or a huge room. you are able to run approximately 1000ft previously you decide on a repeater for a under pressure out cat5e LAN. So i could say the prompt LAN has a much better variety from a popular factor. yet, if there are obstructions like partitions, the under pressure out LAN could have a much better variety. ...yet in spite of the fact that, under pressure out is far quicker.

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    wireless lan. is a wireless internet.

    it's also known as WI - FI, it's mostly used for laptops.

    this is what i know...

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