i want to re-install my computer and i can please help me?

my computer is a gateway it run in vista pentium i try to re-install and i can how can i re-install my computer???

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    Reinstalling Windows is a very lengthy and involved process. Do you realize that all your documents, folders, music, pictures, and every program will be completely erased forever?

    That means you have to take several days to replace all of this AFTER you reinstall Windows. Windows just operates the physical hardware and gives you a desktop to use so you can install other applications (applications are "computer programs" like MS Office, or Adobe Photoshop, or your Antivirus program).

    If you have not done this before, I highly recommend you pay someone reputable to do it for you. Your computer is probably worth $500 minimum, so paying someone $150-200 (USD) will not be unreasonable. You can make that much money just finding some odd jobs on craigslist.

    The basic proceedure is:

    1. Back up all data you don't want to lose (everything in My Documents, on the Desktop, and in the Favorites folder, for a start).

    2. Reinstall Winodws using the CD provided from your manufacturer, and the License Key found on a tag on the box of your PC.

    3. Install all drivers EXCEPT internet connection.

    4. Install Antivirus program, and set it for "on access" scanning (sometimes called "resident").

    5. Install internet connection and configure so it works. Immediately download the new virus definitions for your Antivirus program.

    6. Download all the Windows Updates - this will take at least one whole day with Windows XP, possibly a little less with Windows Vista (Vista is younger, so there will be fewer Updates for it). You can install the full-file Service Packs before you activate the internet connection - it's the safest way.

    7. Install all the applications you want (Photoshop, Office applications, spyware removers, Firefox, etc...)

    8. Restore your data.

    There are special things you have to do if you use MS Office Outlook or even Outlook Express, in order to move it properly to a new installation. Same is true for most versions of Adobe Photoshop. The more experience you have with these processes, the more you will be aware of what you need to do to get a new installation up and running.

    If you have no experience, then expect to spend a lot of time on the phone with tech support being made to answer tricky questions because they suspect you of trying to steal their software (especially software that has to be "Activated"). For example, Windows requires re-activation after reinstallation:


    ...and Adobe Photoshop requires that you deactivate it before you uninstall it (reinstalling windows removes it from your drive, so deactivating it becomes impossible).

    There are many more tricky details like this that you might or might not want to leave up to a professional.

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    use the original vista cd and run it by putting it in the cd drive when the computer boots up

    If it does nothing but regularly loading up vista then you need to press F2 or the proper function key for the board usually written at the bottom while it loads up and says intel or whatever the boards name is.

    Go into those settings and change the boot order so the cd or dvd drive is first before the hard drive or usb.

    Then after these BIOS changes it should boot off of the operating disk so you can re-install

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    Download the Windows 7 RC candidate straight form Microsoft.


    They will give you a free 1 year license. When you finish downloading it burn it to a DVD then restart and load off the dvd. It is WAYYYYY better than XP or Vista for that matter.

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    Look up "computer repair" in the yellow pages and take your computer to one of the companies listed.


    Judging by your writing, you don't have the necessary skills to carry out a successful repair.

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    do you mean reinstall windows? boot from the windows cd and there will be simple instructions. make sure you backup anything important to you.

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    what did you do. you need to feformat the hard drive to ntfs them you can reinstall the os

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    try it the other way

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