How to address save-the-date cards (Mr., Mrs, First names, etc)?

I am just about to print all the address labels for the save the date cards but I am not sure what to do about titles (Mr. & Mrs.). I have all the first and last names of the people that will receive a save-the-date card and I was just going to put "John & Mary Smith".

Should I bother with the "Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Smith"? How would I put the titles in? I think that Mr. & Mrs. John Smith is a bit too formal for save-the-date cards.

What are people's opinions on formal titles for save-the-dates?



For the invites we will be sending in September we are going to use "Mr & Mrs. Smith" because it is a formal wedding. But I just think it's a bit much for save-the-date cards ....

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    It depends on how formal your wedding will be. I would say formal names are not necessary. "The Smith Family" or "John and Mary Smith" is fine for save the date cards! However if your wedding is formal, then you should write "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith" so people don't mistake it for a casual event.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well it depends on if there married or engaged or just dating

    If married:

    Mr & Mrs. John Smith

    If engaged:

    Mr. John Smith & Ms. Emily Johnson

    if dating:

    Mr. John Smith & Miss Emily Johnson

    if you don't know the girls name

    Mr. John Smith & Guest

    I hope this helps you..I had to figure it out when I did mine!!

  • digman
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    4 years ago

    nicely, with what i be conscious of of human nature and doing sales artwork. Names are significant in case you need to make an excellent effect. IE: using somebody's call many times once you're addressing them reafirms which you're paying interest and which you're worried or fascinated in them.. as an occasion. some one that works a thankless pastime like food market checker or provider station attendant (generally placed on call tags) while making small communicate or addressing them in spite of if all you have is the 1st call including omit,Ms or Mr. IE: omit Wendy or Mr Dale, you will no longer purely get a extra desirable reaction out of them than you may purely talking "at them",they'll undergo in suggestions you and be friendly in direction of you the subsequent time you come upon them. you could purely say thank you ____(insert call from the tag) yet including that omit,Ms,or Mr. alterations the tone of the come upon from talking "at" them to talking "to" them. talking "to" a guy or woman denotes comprehend subsequently i might say definite use the suffix/salutation while chatting with human beings frequently. perfect etticut, on a similar time as no longer paramount will open the addressee to take extra of an pastime on your desires by using making them experience significant.

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