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is there something wrong with my dog?


ok so this morning my dog was ling on the floor and well she peed her self. she was asleep and then i looked over and she was in a puddle of pee round her. she got up a little after that and was well shocked by it (she seemed it). my dog is 5 and in peek physical form.really she is u can see her mussels, like the dog is ripped. she is extremely healthy and every thing seems ok. the only thing that is different as of late is she is drinking more water, namely cuz of the weather is warmer and were starting to get back into jogging. i have no idea what could be wrong with her. Could it be a bladder infection? or do dogs wet them selves like little kids some times? HELP!


o i forgot to say this is the first time it has happened. The warm weather is like oo 15c

:) canada baby! also i have put some stuff in her water in case it is a badder infection. But still i though someone may have an idea of wat it is. She is also a springer if that helps

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    dogs do not just wet themselves. it could be an infection, it could be incontinence or something else. Many female dogs spayed or unspayed as they age can develop incontinence. spayed females have a slightly higher increase in this possibility.

    However, we are just making educated guesses. best that she is taken to the vet. whether it is incontinence or infection they are easily treated with medicine.

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    Do not be surprised if the vet finds your dog has diabetes.

    It is not the end of the world but, if this is the case, get her on the two shot a day right away. It is easy and no pain for the dog. She will continue to drink more and you will need to put her in a place where she can have urinary accidents and not cause a problem with the floors or furniture. These accidents can happen any time. My Schnauzer eventually lost eyesight in one eye and then then the other but it was worth it to keep him. One problem is: if you are gone a lot or for a long period during the day?

    Lets hope this is not the illness with your pet.

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    Generally, dog's don't pee themselves for no reason, just as you or I would not wet ourselves with out something causing it. I suggest speaking with a vet to be safe, but it is possible that she had a bad dream, like a little kid.

    My dog has bad dreams and whimpers often, I can imagine that a dog could wet themselves because of one. However, if it is some kind of infection or loss of control over their bladder, it would be best to catch it now. Make an appointment and get your pooch checked out.

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    it doesnt sound good especially when you say shes healthy. Has it only happened the once. if it is warmer maybe walk the dog in the cooler time of the day. she may have a kidney infection if it keeps going like that for the next couple of days take her to the vet.

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    Many things can cause a dog to pee in it's sleep. It can be something as minnor as dream to serious issues like uti's or kidney problems etc. I would watch her very closley, take her temp. ifit's above 102 or if she starts showing other syptoms or if this happens again get her to a vet. If her temps normal, she shows no other signs of illness and it doesn't happen again I wouldn't worry. My pup did this once when she was just over one and I rushed her to the vet just to be told it was prolly a dream since everything checked out normal. She's never done it again. But like I said anyother symptoms or repeats I would take her in.

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    Call your vet's and ask them this question. Asking here won't do you any good.

    Only two scenarios are possible here.

    1) People will tell you not to worry. You shouldn't listen to these people. Not because they are wrong, but because you don't know them and they couldn't have any real clue as to what is going on with your pooch.

    2) People will tell you to worry. You shouldn't listen to these people for the same reasons I mentioned scenario #1.

    Either way you can only find out for sure by asking someone who can answer this question appropriately: a veterinarian.

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    well it could only be that he has had a bad dream and you know yourself if you have been doing a lot of physical exercise that you haven't been doing in a long while or as you say you have recently got back into jogging again well maybe this is taking its toll on her and she just getting used to the amount of exercise again.

    If you were not fit and you went jogging for a while and came back, got a shour and went to bed while your sleep you need to go to the toilet really badly but because your body is not used to that physical exercise you brain is awake but you eyes wont open and your body won't move because its knackered.

    I wouldn't get to worried about it unless it continues or you see blood in the urine.

    Bit of a strange scenario but hopefully you understood it in between rambling on.

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    It sounds like it could be a bladder infection. Might seem weird but try giving her a bit of cranberry juice around each meal time.

    Source(s): Friend had a black lab, and she had the same problem. Cranberry juice seemed to work.
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    Probably a UTI issue or kidney problem. Get her to the vet for a checkup. Probably an easy fix.

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    but it could be like a urinary incontinence it happens some spayed female dogs.

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