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What are some words to describe John Proctor from The Crucible?

i need some adjectives that describe john proctor (The Crucible)

and feel free to throw in some other characters too.

also, any characters that went through changes through the story and what those changes were

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    Rebellious, logical, down-to-earth, noble, AND sexy.

    Source(s): Read the book for english class. It SUCKED!!!
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    Describe John Proctor

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    He is honest and loyal- He is loyal to his wife by denying Ann.

    Also, he is honest- when he constantly claims to be innocent

    And he is noble because he will not lie and claim that he is guilty in order to live. He will not dirty his name.

    He is a wonderful character, whose attitude and integrity would have gotten him far if it was not for the neediness of a conniving teenage girl.

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    I'd say stubborn and determined.

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    loving but imperfect

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