Moving to New Zealand!?

I think I want to move to New Zealand when I'm older. I don't know when yet, but I need some info on the country, such as:

-their currency (money)

-how expensive it is to live there

-culture (including north american traditions like santa claus..what's that like down there?)


-career options (I'm into health. what kind of health professions do they need? and anything else is good too )

-how expensive would it be to fly from new zealand to Canada every four to five years. all my family lives in Canada, and If i have children, I'd like them to meet their grandparents! also, I'd miss them.

Any extra info on the country would be great! I'm still young, but I really believe I want to move to this country :)

thanks a lot!

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    1. Currency. Yep, we have the New Zealand dollar down here. The current rate of exchange means CAN$1.00 gets you NZ$1.43

    2. Living costs. New Zealand is actually one of the few net food producers in the world, this means that the food is generally very good & fresh but not necessarily cheaper than elsewhere (usually about the same price). This is because most other countries subsidize their farmers where NZ doesn't. We do have an abundance of cheap electricity & a national healthcare system. Interest free loans are available for tertiary education. Some places in NZ have much more expensive housing than others - the most expensive place to live is Auckland. I've lived in Europe (Germany & the UK) and I find that New Zealand is a heck of a lot cheaper to live. Many New Zealander's hunt and fish.

    3. Culture. Yep we've got Santa down here - although he comes in the middle of summer! NZ shares a lot of traditions with the UK but increasingly North American traditions have been getting in here (like Halloween which was virtually unknown in NZ 25 years ago). New Zealand is officially a bicultural country & the three official languages are English, Maori and Sign Language. Maori culture is an important part of NZ & all schools teach at least some aspects of it (the language is not widely spoken though).

    3. Weather. Because New Zealand is a long, narrow place our weather varies from one end to the other. Sub-tropical and very wet in the north down to temperate & quite chilly in the south (although all areas have good summers). The west coast (particularly in the south Island gets a lot of rain). There are also some parts of NZ that are very dry. Possibly the best climate can be found in a town called Nelson, at the top of the south Island. We have a mountain range in the south Island & a number of ski fields, as well as two ski fields in the north Island.

    4. Careers. You couldn't do much better than be in the health field - there is always a shortage of health professionals in virtually all areas in NZ (my girlfriend is a cardiac specialist from the UK & they bribed her with all sorts of goodies to make her stay in NZ).

    5. Flying to Canada. This is probably the reason why many immigrants can't handle NZ - we are very isolated from the rest of the world, although we're close to the Pacific Islands, Australia & Asia - which is why Kiwis tend to take their holidays there. Currently you'd pay about CAN$1800 for a return ticket to NZ (depending on where you are in Canada).

    What I like about living in NZ is that you can have a good lifestyle without paying the earth for it. The outdoors here are very accessible. On the downside, we don't have all the big cultural features that you'll find in a major North American or European city.

    Hope this helps. Obviously moving to the other side of the world is a big move so it needs serious consideration. Good luck.


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    First of all, you have to visit a place first before deciding to move there. New Zealand is an amazing country, but it's not for everyone and you have to consider how far away it if from where you come from, as we were 24 hours and over £1000 to fly there-so will family and friends be able to visit? Also, get books, there are loads of books and websites about moving to NZ.

    They have the NZ dollar, some areas are quite expensive, there is a strong Maori culture, especially in South Island, like North America the culture is influenced by the people who settled there, so there are Scottish areas etc, but yes they do have santa

    Have a look here for weather etc, whcih varies depending on where about you go:

    Also if you are very young, things might change between now and then.

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    I'm an ex-patriot American living in NZ. The lifestyle, even in the big cities, is slower than a big city in the States. (I used to live near LA, so I know!) People don't seem to be bent on working themselves to death here, they actually leave the office at 5 or 6pm most places, and have a life outside of work. The standard holiday pay is 4 weeks, compared with 2 weeks at most US companies. The cost of living is a bit high, although housing is more affordable. Petrol and groceries are more expensive. Immigration is pretty straightforward, although I don't know all the rules now (I emigrated in '92 with a Kiwi partner). Fitting in, well, that's a tough question. Even though I've lived here for 16 years, I still feel like a foreigner. I've got a great community of friends, but I stick out because of my accent, my openness and straightforwardness; my approach to life. I'm a more positive thinker than most Kiwis I know. On the flip side, I'm also less interested in politics and world issues - Kiwis are very well informed and often opinionated! All said, it's a beautiful place. It's relatively safe. Art, music, food, sports, nature, technology... anything you want to experience is very accessible.

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