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What's with Spybot- search and destory and Spyware Blaster?

our computer has a spybot- search and destroy and spyware blaster. What do they do? My dad put it on the computer and I wont go to my e-mail or reply any of my friends e-mails. Also does it keep trak of the conversations I have with people?

What's the meaning of what there used for what is there job? I don't trust using the computer to go online or any site now. I check my e-mail and other things at school now.

Please explain what they both do. What my dad can know and what he wont know?

Thank you

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    I have used AVG Anti Virus, Comodo Pro Firewall, I have recently added superantispyware and Malwarebytes. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Trojans Hackers etc. They can all be downloaded from http://malware-virus-spyware-remover-tools.blogspo... Online Armor Free is good and is fairly easy to use.

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    Spybot and Spyblaster remove spyware that is malicious to your computer. They help you prevent OTHER people from monitoring your activity, it's not your dad spying on you. He can't get your email information or your web history from either of those programs, although if you were to go onto incriminating websites you might get some incriminating spyware...

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    Spybot- search and destory - antispyware program with real time protection.

    spyware blaster - real time protection from spyware.

    Also does it keep trak of the conversations I have with people? NO.

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