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English homework help?! URGENT, PLEASE HELP. :)?

Hey guys.

So I have an English project and I was wondering what I should do for a symbol for the poster.

The story is called "A Close Match" and it's about a girl who has a sister and one is kind of ugly, and the other is pretty.

The 'pretty one' finds out she has leukemia. The 'ugly one' had to give her bone marrow to her, because they found out they were the closest match. So she does give her bone marrow, and then she is okay.

So, I was thinking of drawing a rose, or a flower on the poster... what do you think?

What are other things that would also work?

Thanks in advance,


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    If you would like to go with roses, do a GORGEOUS rose that is bent and wilting, but still beautiful, and a rose that is strong and tall but ugly with holes in the petals or and ugly color etc.

    Good luck!

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    I would have them holding hands, just their hands from the wrist..

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