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My trip to Cuba? Question?

Next year for Grad, me and a whole bunch of friends are going to Cuba.

We are staying at the "sirenis la salina" in Varadero. It's a very nice beach resort.

Does anybody know anything about Cuba? I dont know the Laws of the country.

I need some DO's and DONT's.

I'm a big partier.. I'll be 17 then and I plan to hit the clubs and get very drunk..

Also are there any certain things I should do while im there? Any exciting things I can do (good or bad :P)

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    jj is a moron

    DONT smoke dope (big jail time)

    DO get drunk, rum (best in the world, crystal beer)

    partys at all the bars clubs lots of music dancing or meet some girls and ask to start a party

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    You are in for a real treat. Havana is definitely a "must see, You can easily arrange that tour and others that may interest you. Your destination rep will be selling them. There are markets in Varadero where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs at a better price than the resort shops. There aren't too many don't dos mainly because Cuba is such a safe destination, however don't wear expensive jewellery or invite strangers to your room, so for the most part just use common sense. The food at your resort will be varied offering some typical Cuban food but lots of choice as far as Canadian or European tastes go. Check the sites below for lots more info. Please remember to take gifts for our Cuban friends who have had such a difficult year because of the hurricanes. You are in for a great time.

    With all due respect JJ Joseph is so wrong, many people speak English particularly those who work in the resorts, cell phones do work if you have the right plan and phone, roads are clearly marked, taxisare readily available and Varadero has lots of clubs , there are tons of things to do, however don't even think about drugs even soft drugs, there is a zero tolerance. Make sure you hang on to 25CUC Convertible Pesos to pay the departure tax Here is the excursion price list from Sunwing Vacation as of Jan 2009 :

    Havana one day 67 CUC

    Havana History & Rhythm 99 CUC

    Havana special 135 CUC

    Catamaran 99 CUC

    Dolphin Swim 89 CUC

    Boat Adventure 45 CUC

    Jeep Safari 71 CUC

    Tropicana Varadero 49 CUC

    Matanzas Yumuri 45 CUC

    Trinidad 75 CUC

    Some other links which will help you figure out what you might do. I know you are planning on partying real big, but try and stay sensible. If you overdo things and end up sick your vacation sure wouldn't be much fun.:

    Note: College girl made a great suggestion.

    Source(s): 10 time visitor to Cuba
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    Uh well , This is a newer hotel with probably lots of families so they may not want to see a bunch of drunk arrogant teenagers running around acting stupid. Neither do cuban staff and especially security.Don't expect any girls gone wild behavior either. I'd even double check how old you have to be to drink at that resort and outside clubs. Cuba is different than Mexico or D.R.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i go to cuba all the time and get pissed every day no prob tourist are gold in cuba and are treated that way go and enjoy yourself along varaderosmain strip there are 3 twenty four hour bars

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    Well, I know something about Cuba.

    Laws ? What laws ? In Cuba we NEVER mention laws. The law is what fidel orders. Don't you know that ?


    Exciting ? Come back to the USA. That is the most exciting thing

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    Get drunk and you might become another Nathalee Halloway then your country will blame communism and Cuba.

    If you get too drunk , You will graduate from school and from life.

    Be careful ! you are young and there's too much in life to enjoy

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    If you get very drunk, you will go to jail and miss your plane home. Getting drunk isn't amusing to the Cubes. BTW, there's no "clubs" in Cuba, no road signs, nobody speaks English, and your cellphone doesn't work. If you get lost, nobody will find you, and there's no taxis to take you back to your hotel. The most exciting thing in Cuba is baseball. Good luck getting drunk in Cuba!

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  • 1 decade ago

    use a condom papi!

    very important rule of life... actually use 2 or 3...

    Source(s): cuban girl
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