Allow All Viewers Access to NBC Videos?

How come viewers from outside the US can't watch videos posted on American websites? I like to watch my favorite SNL clips online, but NBC quickly removes them from YouTube and restricts people from outside the US access to their videos. I actually started a petition if you agree with me, please sign it.

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    1 decade ago
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    It is probable that it happens because the issuers and the television radio frequencies of transmission of it are not compatible with any countries, and if I am in agreement with your request. Regards and happy day! I hope that it solves your doubt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm in Canada, too. The main crux of the problem

    is that there is no formal agreement between the

    USA and Canadian "Performing Rights Societies".

    What that means is that there is no way to send

    royalties from our SOCAN to their ASCAP / BMI.

    Perhaps those 3 acronyms may sound a bit odd

    to you, so here are their 3 websites:

    SOCAN is the new organization name for what used to be known as

    CAPAC -- Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada

    ASCAP -- American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

    BMI -- Broadcast Music Inc.

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  • 4 years ago

    It grow to be all a factor of his huge plan. He committed the 1st shootings on the dorm and then made the video and despatched it to NBC. He then committed the 2nd shootings and ended it with shooting his own face off so it would take longer to be pointed out. He despatched the video to NBC, so as that they might comprehend who he grow to be first and coach it. regrettably, he despatched it to the incorrect handle and that they did no longer get it Tuesday like they think of he initially deliberate. They have been given it after he grow to be certainly pointed out. i think of he did this to verify that he have been given on the air. i think of NBC ought to have stated, "we've been given a video of the shooter yet we are refusing to teach it," then they might desire to have merely grew to become it over to the FBI. there is no way that the households can experience solid approximately seeing they guy on nationwide television after he slaughtered element of such countless households. i think of NBC grow to be incorrect and that they only gave him what he needed and that i'm particular that there are different deranged human beings finding at it and drooling on the mouth in hopes of doing some thing like this themselves. i think of that NBC is merely including gasoline to a hearth that must be extinguished and that they might desire to offer up showing any aspects of the video. regrettably, there are adequate human beings obtainable that desire to work out it and NBC gets plenty greater score for having shown it. So we are certainly element of the topic.

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  • 1 decade ago

    local televison for us could be cable television for foreigners

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