He May Not Be Innocent But Matthew Johns Has Guts?

He has apologized so much over the past 7 years I find it upsetting that no other player from that night has come forward to say 'I was one of those players that night'

I think that channel Nine will get so much back lash from this whether or not Johns loses his job. I'm a big supporter of these brothers, especially Andrew after admitting 10 years of drugs. But Andrew didn't lose his commentary job with channel nine and still has jobs with a number of Rugby League clubs and rep sides.

This issue has already been looked at and the police have found no case for him or any other player to answer to. I do agree that what he did was wrong and that these types of sexual behaviour towards anybody be-it male or female, has no place in our game.

But Matthew has had to prove more to his wife than anyone else that he is deeply sorry for what he did. If she didn't believe and forgive him then I think that he would not be on the Footy Show or have any involvement in any of our NRL clubs. Prior to this what else has he done wrong? I think that it is a shame that this one ancient incident should ruin the media career of a man who brought us such characters as Reg, Trent the flight steward and recently Percy LeBlanc.

I will be very upset if Matt loses his job. This woman I think just needed to get revenge on Matt and the other players for that night and the media being the vultures they are decided to give her her 15mins of secret fame.

I think that other players involved in that night should come forward and stop Matthew taking all the blame. Of what happened that night I read Danny Weidler's article in the back of the Sunday paper, and I from that I think that this woman brought it all on herself. I might be wrong but thats how I see it. What bout you? Should the other players from the night stand up and help a former team-mate or just stay hidden and let Matt lose his job.


I am in no way saying that it is ok for men to treat woman like a rag doll or that men can do what ever they like and that woman who are victims should just be ignored and go away. Linda I've got a brother as a result of rape. My mother is mentally unstable from this event. Johns has guts in the sense that he admitted it and didn't try and pass the blame or deny it. But I think these other player should stand up and people should know who else was involved. After Johns was done with her he went to leave, she asked him to go for a second time and he refused.

Update 2:

He has now lost his job and is to do an interview with Tracy Grimshaw tonight. She is another one of these media self centered vultures.

Update 3:

Apparently now after the Storm seemed to support him, they have suspended him from his assisant coaching role.

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    I have always loved and followed Rugby League and NOTHING in the world will ever change that. However, this issue really needs to be addressed . I think in this case, what was lacking was more a case of respect and communication than anything else.The same can be said for these so called man eaters who just give these guys the wrong idea. It really pained me to watch that do co and all the backlash that has subsequently precipitated. No I hope Matty isn't sacked, because he does what he is paid to do so well and that is to inform and entertain, however personally I don't think I would be viewing him the same way as before. Just my 2cents anyway.

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  • 4 years ago

    No. This happened 7 years ago and it should have been dealt with then. It wasn't rape and it was consensual. However I certainly would not like it if it happened to my daughter or son. Having said that, The man came forward and apologised for his involvement. Why was the girl there for in the first place, if not for a party etc. I certainly do not condone his involvement, but I do put some blame on him for not stopping the whole debacle. I do think the other chaps should come forward and give there side, instead of letting Johns take the fall. In my mind they are cowards and certainly not Sportsman like. Also the girl knew what she was doing and I did not hear the word "No" come out of her mouth while been interviewed. Whoever she is probably had issues before this happened 7 years ago. Otherwise why not complain the day after the situation and not four or five days later. As far as the NZ police are concerned its a open and shut case. So why are the Media so intent on bringing something like this up now. Admittedly sportsman particularly the Footy guys need to clean up there act. We have juniors coming up the ranks and the violence that is happening now both off and on the field with and against woman has been a regular occurrence of late. But why bring something that happened 7 years ago that was dealt with then. There have been others that have taken the news by storm, why not use all those as an example. there have been too many to mention. Whats the go with this person, If not for money. That sucks. Also others that know the girl have come out and it puts her story in another light. I gather the journo who put the story out has an issue about Johns and the game.

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  • I wasn't going to answer, because all that needed to be said had been said, however I saw that a woman had answered to say that what she though were men answering, was what men thought of all women. I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, I'm certain that men don't think of ALL women like that, just this one... you know what, I'm a woman and I think the same thing. She consented, and now she's probably figured that she'll never land herself an NRL star, so she needs some cash. Apparently she's also being coerced into this too from what I heard...

    It is sad that when someone makes a claim, that it is automatically taken to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. From what Matthew Johns said during the interview with Tracy Grimshaw, I feel that there is far more to the story. I don't discount that she may be feeling used and embarrassed, but I don't see that suing someone is going to make her feel any different. She consented to sex with multiple partners, so she's just as bad as them- you're not going to get someone to love you by spreading your legs like a two-bit whore.

    I've heard it said that no-one is harder on women than women, and maybe its true, I am being hard on her, but there are three sides tto every storying, this one, that one and the truth.

    Tracy Grimshaw seemed to be wanting Matthew Johns to take responsibility for the entire event, and for the woman's actions as well. I say that if Matthew Johns must be held accountable for his contribution to the incident, then so should the woman involved. She didn't say "No." apparently, and from what we learned in that interview, she could use her voice just fine in order to demand that Matthew step up and participate again, whilst telling another player that she wanted anyone but them.

    Also, I'd like to say that I was pleased that Matthew's wife didn't exactly make a comment when asked what she thought of the woman. I know what I would think of her if it were my husband she had been with and was now having put through the wringer...

    As for the legality/illegality of the actions, there was an investigation at the time and no charges laid, much like the 'sexual assault' scandal with the Broncos last year- is that woman going to wait for seven years and then try and sue the players involved in that? I'm concerned for them, and think that they are probably looking at this now and thinking "Will that be me in a few years time?".


    Four Corners and the ABC may not pay for interviews, but you can be sure that women's magazines do. And you can be sure if you put enough pressure on someone, they will pay you to go away and leave them in peace...just saying that although she may not have been paid for that initial appearance, I'm waiting for the story to appear in a women's mag (what better way to sell magazines than a controversial story...).

    As for the charges not being laid, Pandora (below me) says "When the Police don't lay charges, it doesn't mean a crime didn't happen. It means that the chances of conviction are slim." That is a very generalised statement, and although this is sometimes true, it doesn't mean that it is true *every* time, you know, there are times when charges are laid because, fancy that, there was no crime...pity that doesn't occur to some people. It was stated that there was NO CASE TO ANSWER, not that the charges were dropped. This does indicate that nothing illegal ocurred.


    Most recent news:

    1. Co-workers state that "victim" came to work and bragged about having sex with Cronulla players.

    2. "Clare" is married to a sports star and living in Asia- hardly think its ruined her life.

    Also- "women's mags pay for smut"...enough said.


    This WOMAN was 19 years old at the time, she was old enough to drink, smoke, buy a lotto ticket, and vote. She was not a child, and she was over the age of consent. Regardless of the age difference, this woman was still a woman, not a helpless child.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am in no way a supporter of any type of abuse against a woman or any other human being. I was abused both physically, mentally and emotionally by a boyfriend when I was 17-19 years of age and I can tell you it was no walk in the park. BUT.... i can see this is not an issue of abuse. This is an issue of infedelity between a wife and husband. They sorted this out between themselves 7 years ago and Trisha Johns has given birth to little boys after this incident. If a wife has forgiven and worked through these problems, who are we to judge? The interview with Tracey Grimshaw reduced me to tears and I am not one to cry with ease. They both looked broken and I can only imagine what they and their little boys are going through. I am a woman and I can't imagine being drunk enough, enamoured enough or star struck enough to have sexual conduct with more than one man at a time that I didn't feel connected to. As usual, the media have blown everything out of proportion and I can only hope and pray that the Johns family comes out of this with the dignity they deserve. This woman, if she is so ashamed and emabarrassed about this episode, why bring it up again 7 years later? Money obviously plays a part here............................... Matthew Johns and your family- may you rise above this and thrive as you deserve xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • 1 decade ago

    To all of you saying she only wants money. Four Corners

    doesn't pay people for interviews.

    When the Police don't lay charges, it doesn't mean a crime didn't happen. It means that the chances of conviction are slim.

    She had a whole football team who treated her like garbage; she is only 26 now and has barely survived the last 7 years.

    She is still much younger than Matthew Johns was at the time of the incident.

    If football players are suffering from all these terrible women then they can decide not to bonk them:


    For Krissy re: womens magazines pay for smut stories:

    Yeah what a dabolical plan! What a great way to make a quid - if I just go and get screwed by some sports team, then wait a mere 7 years; try to kill myself a few times and attend therapy - and IF one of them gains a bit of fame - and IF some mag wants to write the story, I too will be rolling in a few thousand dollars. Oh yeah, she was so planning the whole thing. pffft.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thankyou so much for saying all that, I'm getting so sick and tired of people saying Matty is a monster, he should lose his job, he is disgusting blah blah blah. They do not understand that it happened 7 years ago! It has been & gone, there was no charges against him or anything and now that stupid woman who probably is going through some financial problems is coming out and stirring it all back up just to get money, she's a pig, not just for ruining Matty's life lately and putting down the NRL but for agreeing to it and taking place in it in the first place. He has apologized to everyone over and over, and its only the non Rugby League fans who know nothing about Matty but still buy all that ladies crap she's been talking like she's such a big victim.I agree with you the rest of the players need to come forward and take the eyes off Matt, its not fair to him at all or his family. His life in Rugby League, he brings so much to the game and takes it to another level, if he gets fired I'm gonna go crazy because its ridiculous that some lady can come out after years and years and turn everyone against probably the most loved person in the RL world.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Finally a question that is in favor of the Rugby League. I've always hated Channel 9's involvement with footy. They do an awful job of covering the footy and they only do whats best for them, not anyone else.

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  • Bill P
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    1 decade ago

    It happened 7 years ago. It was investigated by the police and no further action was required. They have now said that nothing new has come up so the case remains closed. That should have been the end of it. The only person whose opinion should matter is Matty's wife.

    It wasn't the brightest thing to do but according to the police, nothing illegal happened.

    I'm pleased that the Storm are standing by him. If he does get sacked from Channel 9 and his job with the NRL, I hope he considers the possibility of legal action for wrongful dismissal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think its time people like Linda and others who keep baggin Matty Johns come to understand that he was part of the original group of 3 who were heading for consensual sex. He has nothing in my eyes to apologise for, he had no control over other people, he never forced himself on to her. Why don't people just realise that this young lady was a tramp and was looking for a good time,or do you clasify going to 2 mens room you do not know as normal. What do people think she was going there for, to watch Shortland Street??? This Kiwi slag (and yes I'm a kiwi and proud) needs to get a life now that she has made a few bucks from her story and move on. She claims to have all of these emotions yet it takes her 7 years to tell a TV show. Matty has been stood down from the Footy Show and I do think it is in the best interest of his family and the show. I wish they would name the slag who is hiding behind the fuzzy picture and crying, what's fair for Johns (when he never done anything wrong to her) should be the same treatment for her!!!

    Yeah - I see you too have been living in a little hick town too smoking illegal products. Matty Johns has nothing to apologise to her for so why should he? Just because she was a slag and felt guilty afterwards doesnt make it wrong, it makes it stupid for these guys. And why should Johns name people, not all people are narks in this world. He only has to answer to his wife for his actions, let everyone else answer for these by themselves. Why don't they ask the police, they have all of the details.

    dftm - Your parents must be proud of you now that you are in the army (haha, I like your picture)

    M.iiie - If ladies take advice from you with and go home with 1 or 2 guys then they are Slappers just like you. Get some morals and get to know the guy before you screw him, then you will know exactly what you are getting out of it!

    Source(s): Slags everywhere in NZ, Skanksters in every little hick town trying to make a name for themselves on there backs!!!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is different to have a host of a TV show stay there and host, compared to a league player still play league.

    I think there is more to this story for sure. Women throw themselves at celebs, league players ect ect all the time. Are we to think it ok for a girl/woman to expect it ok to regret her decision to have consensual sex with multiple men or are we to believe she was raped.

    Which one is it. The police say nothing untoward went on. So what do we have left.

    I dont think that this activity is wrong just because not everyone is either fortunate enough to engage in it or just dont want to.

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