Radiological, Ultrasound and X-Ray Technician Degrees and Programs in Montreal, Canada?

Hi, I am trying to find a Radiology Technician program - preferably a one year program, offered in the Greater Montreal Area.

So far, all the information I have found indicates that the programs are of a duration of 3 years, and that the required courses include English, French and complementary courses. I was wondering if the fact that I already have a B.A. and an AEC (which were obtained in both French and English) will exempt me from such courses, hence allowing me to end the program sooner?

Any and all pertinent information, will be greatly appreciated.

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    Information is below about a Radiology Technician program in montreal./

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    Ultrasound Technician Schools In Canada

  • 4 years ago

    i'm uncertain approximately Canada, yet i'm an x-ray tech interior the U. S., and the job industry right here is undesirable on the 2nd. basically, i recently examine a piece of writing on the ASRT internet site that suggested the present emptiness fee interior the U. S. for radiographers is at 2%, the backside it somewhat is been on the grounds that they began accumulating that documents in 2002. in simple terms approximately each and every facility right here has a lengthy record of RN openings, yet interior the comprehensive state of SC, i've got in simple terms observed a pair open, comprehensive time positions for radiographers, no longer counting speciality areas inclusive of CT and US. examine out it this way... in any wellbeing facility, extra nurses are needed than x-ray techs, so the job industry for an RN will continually be bigger.

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