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English Short Story help...?

I need to write a short story about a plane crash. It needs to be around 400 words. I don't want it to be the usual story I'd prefer a twist. Anyone have any ideas on good beginnings and endings?

Even with a twist i still want it to be believable.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    About a plane, that is flying to Australia from the UK.

    It's just a normal day, when suddenly when they are over the airport, the plane breaks into two pieces.

    The daughter could loose her Mum in the other half which is the sad bit.

    The part that the Mother was in falls to the ground and blows up on the runway.

    Then the daughter gets to the front of the plane, and gets control of it somehow and then flies it (only half of the plane with half of the people in).

    And then in the end, they spend 78 days on it and when they land, she realises that she's flown it round the world - and beaton a record.

    Then when they land everyone can be like "That's was amazing" "The best day of my life" etc. And then she realises (another sad bit) that the man on her half of the plane that didnt crash was her Dad.

    They re-unite..........the end!

    Hope you liked!


    I quite like the idea - interesting.


    P.S. PLz get back to me!! (E-mail or whatev.)

  • so the plane is flying calmly and then there is a sudden malfunction. All the passenger screams their heads off until the pilot says that it is an April Fool's joke and he starts to say how this plane is supposedly haunted but makes a joke out of it. But then once he says that, the lights flicker on and off and then the plane actually does get wrecked. All the passengers believe that they are fooled again but realises that it is real when an image of the pilot dead with blood smeared on his face is on every single tv on the plane. the lights turn off and a sudden chill spooks everyone while the passengers scream and then when nothing could get any worse, the plane crashes and kills everyone.

    You could end off with a news report saying how there actually was no pilot in the plane in the first place and that the real pilot got delayed somehow. SO, THE TWIST IS THAT THE PILOT WHO DROVE IT WAS THE OLD PILOT WHO HAUNTED THE PLANE YEARS AND YEARDS AGO

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  • bart s
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    have it like a whole thing from the pilots point of view, trying to manouevre the plane etc, and then have the problem where the plane is about to crash

    but when it does crash, it turns out that its a toy plane, and the pilot picks up the plane and starts to play again

  • 1 decade ago

    only one persons pov, the plane crashes blaa blaa try to get help blaa blaa a helicopter passes by them, there just about to be saved when... "we are now descending into ..... airport, thankyou for flying with ...... airlines, we hope you enjoy your stay.

    it was a dram, but to make it work you gotta make it really realistic and upsetting, have the persons duagter die or soomething

    Source(s): P.S 400 words is only like half a page
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