DO you have make up tips for my Almond shaped eyes (see pic)?

i dont know how to make it pop! you know, what i do basically is put concealer and eye liner and mascara and some light eye shadow

any diff ideas?? thx!


and my skin color is like j-lo, jessica alba and when i get darker from the beach i become like rihannas color, if that affect the make up

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    Being as your eye color is in the brown/hazel family... you could pull off almost anything ;) The main colors to compliment a brown eye are usually purple hues, pinks, and even some bronze colors ;)

    I would suggest going light on your lid with for instance, a lilac matte or a lavender matte, and then going into your outter-v with a darker purple blending in towards the inner part of your eye... this will give the round off illusion at the edge of your outter eye...

    Do a lighter vanilla type color for your highlight from your brow bone up to the bottom of your eyebrow...

    Then use a thin line close to your top lashline. With a color like this I'd either use a black liquid eyeliner or what I like to do on my clients is use either a black or even purple! eyeliner and smudge it across the top of the lashline and pack product at the bottom of their lashline to give the all around the eye color.

    Falsies are optional.

    I have almond shaped eyes too (I'm islander seems like that's the only shape they give us LOL jk)... but none the less, I can pull off quite a bunch of looks with almond eyes ;)

    Play around - there's no rule to make up it's always fun fun fun lol

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    You need to throw in some color to accentuate your eyes!

    I would try a darker eyeliner, the one you are wearing in the picture seems to be faded (or is that just the quality of the picture?) And don't be afraid to play around with some colors. I would try some nice metallic hues for special occasions and do a sort of smokey eye with silver/dark shimmery grey if you are going out. Also, dark purple hues will bring out the brown in your eyes.

    Using a light color to hi-light your brow bown and the inner corners of your eyes (around the tear ducts) will also help make your eyes "pop". : ) good luck!

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    Try this look from Emily. The links to what she used is on the right under (more info)

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