Why not universal health care for the United States?

So although I haven't really looked into this too much because I am Canadian and it doesn't really concern me on a regular basis, why are some Americans so opposed to universal health care? I was watching the doctors t.v. show today and they were discussing this and one of them said "well countries like Canada and France don't have as good of medical care as we have here". And I am thinking about this, and in what way? From what I've heard getting medical insurance in the States isn't that easy to begin with, then you have to pay unreasonable fees, and when you finally have to use it, they try anything to get out of it or won't cover you fully? This is just what I've heard from various sources but I also hear the horror stories of people having to choose between saving one of their fingers or the other because they couldn't afford it, or not being able to pay their mortgage because of their medical bills. If anyone is willing to be swayed, I have one thing to say about universal health care, specifically here in Canada. There are no cons to it! Your not some socialist bastards if you have it, the quality of your medical care is not compromised in any way, and you don't have to ask your insurance company or fill out forms or anything to go to the emergency room, etc. If I want to go get lets say an MRI tomorrow, I would not have anything to pay; if I needed to go to the medical clinic or to a doctors or to the hospital, there is no charge! I take meds that would otherwise cost me about $200/month, and I pay...NOTHING! My mom had breast cancer, she now takes pills every day, and one pill costs $100...she pays nothing. Her kimo treatments, raidation treatments, and 3 breast surgeries including reconstructive ones were completely paid for, not one cent from our pockets. I am just wondering what eveyone's opinions are on this?


From reading some of the comments I would also like to add from first hand experience, our waiting lists are really not that long. The first comment that said you have to wait until your blind to get your cateracts removed, that can't be further from the truth, or that people are denied medical care because they're too old, that's not true either. I don't know what some of you guys have been hearing but I think your being grossly mislead... we don't get denied surgery! And it takes a few weeks to book a surgery!

Update 2:

Actually, just to add on, for my moms initial surgery to remove the cancer, it took exactly 1 week from the day they found it to get into surgery. I don't think thats too long. And if its an emergency you can get it a.s.a.p.

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    You won't get a sensible answer here I'm afraid. Americans are too attached to their overpriced and overated system. They are told it's the best so they believe it and just try to trash other countries.

    The truth is in almost every country with universal health care people live longer on average (3% longer in the case of your country) and the infant mortality rate is lower (30% lower in Canada than the US).

    Those appaling figures are with the most expensive healthcare system in the world... and for some reason they are proud of it !

    Oh and where do my figures come from ?

    The American CIA.

    Source(s): CIA World Factbook
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    Well I'm all for It actually How can you like the Current Health-Care System that denies Peoples Health care needs, I rather Wait a Month or Two then not have a Chance at all then die altogether The Nation who have a Good Health Care System better then ours Look It up before you Complain some People need to live, Americans don't care obviously.

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    Depends what system you have. In Western Europe, there are different systems. All allow people to have private treatment if they wish, some insist this is the case if you earn too much. And healthcare in western European countries with universal healthcare results in lower infant mortality rates for a lower cost per head of population. Click the links and see how kids who die in the US would have had a better chance of life if born in Western Europe.

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    Its simple really the Goverment cant run anything correctly. Plus add to that from what i have read heath care in Canada isnt all that great. I mean there are several stories about people from there coming south to get better care faster than in Canada. The less goverment the better as a rule.

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    Canadians die at a larger rate then Americans do because of Government run health care. They (Canadians) die because there are waiting lists for procedures, waiting lists for surgeries and waiting lists for other procedures. Americans don't have to wait as long because we have a free system. Even Europe has waiting lists that make Canada look meek. The Government, any Government, can not run large programs efficiently. You mother is one of the lucky few. God Bless her, I hope her cancer stays in remission.

    Universal Health care is NOT free. Some one pays for it and that someone is every citizen of your country. Your taxes are higher and you spend more of your time working for other people then your self. Health care is NOT free, some one pays. Remember that.

    Doctors in countries that have universal health care are fleeing those countries, thus the increase in waiting times. They flee because the Government does not pay enough and does not pay right. Why work for a small amout when you could do better? Why work for Government wages when you could earn more? It is simple math really.

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    why not?

    the truth is because the politicians are consulting and getting input to help decide how to structure reform. The problem is .....all the people at the table are those who profit from the current status quo of a system. Notch another one to the corporations and their political minions.

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    Because I don't want to have to wait months for an MRI or CAT scan or have to be blind in both eyes to have my cataracts fixed or be denied a knee replacement because I am 75 years olds.

    Oh and Social Security and Medicare are so well run they are on the verge of bankruptcy. So another government run entitlement program is exactly what we need.

    Oh and let's make sure we give this national health care to 20 million illegal immigrants.

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    Lets put it this way

    The very same Government

    who's high tech, & Very expensive DEFENSE DEPARTMENT

    FAILED to defend even its own HQ ....

    and we are going to put the same bureaucracy in charge of HEALTH CARE? I think not! lets be reasonable...

    or is that possible?

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