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Information About The Country of Russia?

I'm really interested in the world and we aren't learning about anything in school, so I was wondering what Russia is like.

Is it just one large country? (On maps, it doesn't seem to have any states, provinces, ect.)

Is it safe there? How is the economy?

What is their form of government?

What is the normal temperature?

What are the major cities/popular areas?

Which are the worst parts there?

Offical languages/religious?

Famous Russians?

Famous areas in Russia?

No links to wikipedia please. Thanks in advance!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    yes russia is one country.. its relativly safe the economy is well off because of thier oil exports they supposedly have a democracy but its actually a puppet government run by Vladamir Putin.. its really cold in the winter because its northern country and warm in the summer.... Moscow is a densly populated city because of thier industry as well as st. petersburg and Moscow is the capital .. there aren't any like dangerous parts of russia but theres poverty in small regions but i guess every country has crime so w.e.... they are mostly christian orthodoxand they speak russian coincidentaly..Lenin , Stalin, Putin, Gorbechev , Kruschev, Pasternak (author) off the top of my head.. Like i said moscow and gorznny is famous i guess because a lot of important military **** happened there.... thats russia!

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Dmitry - wikipedia is the best place to find all the information you need.

    In short:

    Russia is not just a one large country, it's a federation with 83 constituent territories.

    Russian is the official language.

    Russia is a secular state.

    The major religions: сhristianity, islam, judaism, buddhism.

    Source(s): native russian
  • Dmitry
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Why "no wiki"?

    They have all the answers to your questions.

    The answer to your question would require a very long time.

    I'm russian.

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