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Strongest types of Japanese/Asian swords?

I ve seen the type on Manswers that was handmade heated and cooled 3000 times that can cut threw a 9mm bullet. But what s the strongest blade that is avalible in the USA. ive seen cold steel which can cut threw a pig easily and they could bend it without staping it. Does anyone eles know anymore strong sword commanies with videos or a link?

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    I would say a Katana sword is really strong, I've seen a vid of a master cutting a door of car into two halves easily. But sorry I don't really remember the link anymore.

    Here are some links of katana cutting pigs

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Source(s): Check the vids ur self
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    Types Of Asian Swords

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    I've seen that in manswers too but that demonstration was already done in Japan with a sword called Katana and it was able to cut sniper rifle bullets and at least 5-6 huge machine gun bullets in a row. I think the most powerful types would have to be a Katana. If it's being correctly used, it can be cut through a steel pipe without the sharp side of the blade being chipped. Even an amateur can cut human arms or neck off pretty easily.

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    Europeans made some of the strongest swords in history. However that doesn't mean they made the best. European swords were built in the sense of hacking (similar to an axe) and piercing with their point (good examples are Greek and Roman Swords also the medieval swords of England). The reason for this is because the steel found in Europe is mostly hard steel/iron. Swords of Asia such Chinese swords were very thin(though not all) and were more wobbly than European swords because the steel/iron found their wasn't as hard as the iron found in Europe but eventually methods were found to transform their steel by using iron, however the Chinese only took this to a certain extent. The primary purposes of many of their swords were chopping methods with slight slicing abilities. Africa does not have any swords because the steel/iron found in Africa is very soft so instead they invented spears and probably have the best steel spears in the entire world since it was the only weapon they improved for centuries. The Japanese however combine all three properties in one sword known as the katana. The katana's primary purpose is not hacking or chopping as portrayed in TV, but instead its function is slicing like a giant razor blade and the ability to puncture. However although the katana is probably one of the most durable swords because its ability to adapt to damage it isn't the strongest but it is the most balanced sword created to date. The strongest swords go to European battlefield swords, but that doesn’t make them the best either.

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    you have touched on a question that really has no answer. you are talking about katana of course I am not saying they are bad swords( not even close) but they have been put on a pedestal by the japanese and movies to the point that fantastical and impossible stories emerge ( you can cut bullets the same way with a properly made sword of any type also cold steel does serious damage to the swordss in those videos that they do not show swords are not made to take that sort of punishment those are promotional videos and they can edit them however they want

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    Angus Trim tests his swords by cutting steel drums.

    On the other hand, an excessively strong sword will be heavy and slow. Trims are also known for good balance.

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