Good Books To Read??

What are some good books to read??

Im into like teen, young adult Romance or Thillers..

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    Im 15. I’ve read and love all of these books:

    By Sarah Dessen:

    ♥Just Listen-

    ♥The truth about Forever

    ♥Lock and Key

    ♥That Summer-

    ♥Someone like

    ♥Keeping the Moon-

    ♥This lullaby-


    -theyre all really good. she's a GREAT author! u must must must read her books!

    By Claudia Grey:

    ♥Evernight-this is a vampire type of book and is really unpredicatble, but also has some romance in it!

    By Richelle Mead:

    ♥Vampire Academy Series

    (1)Vampire Academy


    (3)Shadow Kiss

    -i LOVED this WHOLE ENTIRES SERIES! it was soooo good and has action and romance in it just like twilight. i LOVE Dimitri!!!

    By Lauren Barnholdt:

    ♥Two*Way Street

    By Elizabeth Scott:

    ♥Perfect You

    -ONE of mi fav books of all time! Good good goood goood goood!

    By Lisa McMann:


    ♥Fade(sequel to wake)-comes out Feb.10th!

    -not really romance type books but it was still good and there is a guy and grl in here that lik each other. the guy is really caring of her, its sooo sweet!

    By Kate Brian:

    ♥Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys

    By Maureen Johnson:

    ♥13 Little Blue Envelopes

    ♥Girl @ Sea

    By Rick Riordan:

    ♥The Percy Jackson Series

    -not romance but i LOVED IT! highly recommended series. last book jjust came out may 5th!!!)! Involves MYTHOLOGY!!!

    By Daniel Waters:

    ♥Generation Dead

    -best book to read if u luvd twilight! AMAZING! ull luv the guy in it 2!

    By Melissa Marr:

    ♥Wicked Lovely

    By John Green:

    ♥Looking for Alaska-sad and funny at the same time

    ♥AN abundance of Katherines-HILARIOUS and a great read

    By Amy Kathleen Ryan:

    ♥Vibes- I loved this book! Sooo good! Loved the characters n story

    By Sara Zarr:


    -One of the cutest love stories u will ever read!!!!

    By Stephanie Meyer: (im sure uve read this but if u havnt…READ IT)

    ♥Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn

    By Cheryll Klam:

    ♥The Pretty One

    -this girl gets has nvr been really pretty. she gets into an accident and they have to make some changes to her face. people start to notice her more, but then she starts noticing a guy that noticed her all along.

    By Ellen Wittlinger

    ♥Hard Love -I’ll admit. This is a weird book and I wouldn’t even have checked it out of the library if I had actually read the summary. When I got home and did I was shocked at what I would b reading, but I decided to take a chance…the book was SOOOO good and a sequel to it, LOVE AND LIES(which was also AMAZING) just came out after lik 20+ years!

    -the exchange

    -slow beginning but the end makes up for it entirely. Great book. No actual romance involved whatsoever tho. More adventurous, funny.

    havent read any of these yet, but i wanna this summer!!!:

    The House of Night series by P.C> Cast

    Need by Carrie Jones

    Blue Bloods Series by Melissa De La Cruz

    The host by stephenie meyer

    bloom by elizabeth scott

    Stargazer by claudia gray

    i heart you, you haunt me by Lisa Schroeder

    Ininvited by Amanda Marrone

    Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz

    The Black Sheep by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Redeouf

    Let it snow by Jone Greene, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson

    Arena by Karen Hancock

    Evermore by Alyson Noel

    My secret boyfriend by Lurlene cDaniel

    Heartbreakers by Pamela Wells

    Good girls by Laura Ruby

    Vegan Virgin Valentine by Darcelyn Mackler

    The boyfriend list by e.lockhart

    Papertowns by john greene

    The break up bible y Lemilssa Kantor

    Suite Scarlett by maureen Johnson

    the key ot the golden firebird by maureen johnson

    Circle the souls softly by davida eills hurwin

    crazy in love by dandi daley mackhall

    milrun by sarah mlynowski

    monkey business by^(same author above)

    can u keep a secret by sophie kinsela

    vampire diaries by L.J. Smith

    blood and chocolate by anette curtis

    dead is the new black by marlene perez

    ghost girl by tonya hurley

    stealing heaven elizabeth scott

    fly away by mary williams

    cross my heart and hope to spy by ally carter

    seventeenth summer by maureen daly

    kiss me, kill me by lauren henderson

    love the one you;re with by emily griffin

    airborn by kenneth opel

    jessica's guie to dating on the darkside by beth fantaskey

    forever by judy blume

    perfect chemistry by simone elkeles

    other boy by hailey abbott

    forbidden boy by hailey abbott

    lost it by kristen tracy

    sticky fingers by niki burnham

    snowed by rachel hawthorne

    always been you by tracy luu

    let's get lost by Sarra Manning

    Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson

    Good luck finding a book

    Hope this helps


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    Most of these are high fantasy, some of them are urban fantasy:

    Abarat + Days of Magic, Nights of War; Clive Barker

    Terrier + Bloodhound; Tamora Pierce

    Trickster's Choice + Trickster's Queen; Tamora Pierce

    Graceling; Kristin Cashore

    The Hunger Games; Suzanne Collins

    Ironside + Valiant + Tithe; Holly Black

    Uglies + Pretties + Specials + Extras; Scott Westerfeld

    My favorite Series:

    The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher, first book is Furies of Calderon. This series is set in Alera which is involved in civil wars plus wars with its neighboring countries. The chapters alternate between characters, so you get some spies, warriors, politicians. Some romance, lots of action, all great.

    Also really good by the same guy: The Dresden Files. This series centers around Harry Dresden who solves supernatural murders. Great series for those who like urban fantasy type books.

    Try any of these, they're all great.


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    Twilight series is a combo of the young romance and thriller aspect.

    I always loved Pride and Prejudice as a teen, I really like books dated in the past. Not only is it a good read, but it shows the progression of the English language (sadly).

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    Go to and search

    "Lost from Atlantis Book 1" - book 2 is coming out in the next month or two, and 3 is already written and in editing.

    "Death by Murder David Lindsay" - you have to search that way for it to come up. There's a lot of sex and violence in it but it's good, not gratuitous.

    and "Super Spaghetti."

    They're free on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, and you can Google how to get a free trial of that. And you can get a free Kindle app for your phone or just read them online.

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    Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett – historical fiction

    Shogun, by James Clavell – historical fiction

    Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy - thriller

    Pawn of Prophecy, by David Eddings – first of the Belgariad - fantasy

    Destiny’s Road, by Larry Niven – sci-fi

    Footfall, by Larry Niven – sci-fi

    Inferno, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell – sci-fi

    Mote in God’s Eye and The Gripping Hand, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell – sci-fi

    A Forest of Stars, by Kevin Anderson – first of the Saga of the Seven Suns – sci-fi

    Crystal Shard, by RA Salvatore – First of the Drizzt Saga - fantasy

    Watchers, by Dean Koontz - thriller

    Lightning, by Dean Koontz - thriller

    From the Corner of His Eye, by Dean Koontz - thriller

    Band of Brothers, by Stephen Ambrose - historical

    Tarot, by Piers Anthony - fantasy

    Captain Nemo by Kevin Anderson – sci-fi

    Prey, by Michael Crichton - thriller

    Timeline, by Michael Crichton - thriller

    Killer Angels, Michael Shaara - historical

    Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara - historical

    Last Full Measure, Jeff Shaara – historical

    All are great reads.

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    Reading a good publication provides a richer experience and can leave you with memory that can last years. Television is only educational if you're observing a documentary or something similar

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    I have always loved to read. But I'd be lying easily said I didn't also enjoy TV. Throughout the day it is just a reserve usually.

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    The Divergent Trilogy

    The Lockwood and Co Trilogy

    The Black Magician Trilogy. (Check out Trudi Canavans other books their all really great!)

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