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Pokemon Training Question: EV Training and Vitamins?

Here are a few training questions

1) I'm looking to max out the stats of my Pokemon. I know you need to do EV training and have good IVs but what about vitamins? (HP Up, Protein, Carbos, Iron, etc.) do I need to feed these to my Pokemon as well to get the max stats?

2) One person told me no, if so then what the heck are those expenisve vitamnins for. I'ma only use PP Up on move with 5 PP then to get them to the max of 8 PP.

Bonus Question:

To get more PP Ups, someon suggested I enter a double battle with Ditto and another Pokemon that's holding a PP Up and have Ditto tranform into it then switch out to a Pokemon that knows Thief and use Thief on the Ditto and I'll get more PP Ups that way. Does this work?


But can I get max stats and max EVs without the vitamins?

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    Vitamins do give you pokemon EV's. Each vitamin gives 10 EV's. You can use a maximum of 10 for each stat. If your going to go that route then use vitamins before anything else as it will ceiling at 100 EV's. That is to say vitamins are usefull only under 100 EV's. If you gain say 35 ev's normally you would only be able to use 7 vitamins and even though it's 70 EV's worth it won't count the last 5. It ceilings at 100 no matter.

    The ditto item cloning trick only works in the earlier versions of the Japanese D/P. That was fixed before it got to North America. You best option is to trade pokemon and try the lottery. And they are correct. If you use 3 PP ups on a move that only has 5 pp then it will only be 8. If a move has ten it would go up to 16. And so on.

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    Vitamins, while expensive, can extremely reduce the amount of time it takes to EV train. Each vitamin gives 10 EVs in a stat, but only until that pokemon has 100 EVs in that stat. For this reason, if you are going to use vitamins, it is better to use them right away. If you choose not to use vitamins, your pokemon wont be any weaker or stronger in the end. You will still end up with the same EVs, it will just take you longer to get them since you have to get an additional 100

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    1) yes, vitamins will give your pokemon even more stats.

    2)the vitamins are for getting extra stat points

    Bonus Question: yes it does work, I have done it

    Hope I Helped!

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    you would do it perfect

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