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Anon asked in Science & MathematicsEngineering · 1 decade ago

Is it necessary to be good at algebra to be a good engineer?

I was thinking of going into engineering for university, and I'm particularly interested in civil/environmental/biomedical engineering... but I'm not good at algebra.

I realize that it's essential to go through oodles of math courses to survive engineering in college, but I am also good at science and can do almost everything but complex math.

I just can't wrap my mind around some algebra concepts, because I don't see the *point* to them. I'm good at math that has *point* (like physics, because you're trying to *solve* something), or math I can *see* (like geometry or trigonometry), but rational numbers and algebra and all that just gets lost on me.

I'm taking calculus next year, so I can't comment on how well I will do on that yet....

Anyways, do you think I have any hope or should I completely consider something else?


Ahhh thanks :( Maybe I'll go into architecture... or medicine.

I'll see how much I like calculus though. Thanks to the people who answered... anyone else have any opinions?

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    dont listen to the first two punks above me

    You can anything if you put your mind to it

    Maybe the reason you do poorly in math because of how you view it

    You say its hard ...I can't do ...its toooo hard.....this is a very negative way to view anything in have already lost before you started

    Stop being a baby and step up to the plate ....cause i believe everyone is good in matters how much effort you put into it

    If you feel the concepts are a lil too hard ...then might require a little extra time studying ...verse a person that is good at math

    Besides most engineers ....dont use calculus at alll...its just required in school...and especially in environmental of the easier engineering disciplines

    Source(s): environmental engineering student
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    1 decade ago

    Mathematics is the language of engineering. I strongly advice you not to take engineering if you fear math. You must must and must be good at it. Sorry but this is the fact. You'll enjoy engineering only if you love figures and algebra.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Unfortunately- it leads to calculus and Statistics and metallurgy and geometry.

    Pick something else if you don't like math

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