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What has happened so far in the Gossip Girl season finale?

What has happened so far in the Gossip Girl season finale? Please!! play by play

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    1. Serena is getting attention because of her arrest

    2. Blaire finds out that Chuck hasn't found out that she and Nate broke up

    3. Nate and Vanessa finally become friends again

    4. Nate invites Dan and Vanessa to his after grad party

    5. Dan's name is left off the grad program

    6. Jenny is happy that there will be no more hierarchy, but she finds out that Blaire will be choosing the next queen and whoever brings the best piece of gossip wins.

    7. Jenny decides to win so that she can end the hierarchy

    8. Blaire try's to tell Chuck that she and Nate broke up but she can't

    9. Lily and Rufus still haven't told people they had broken up

    10. They all were about to graduate when gossip girl tells everyone her opinions on them:

    Nate: Class Whore

    Dan: Ultimate Insider

    Chuck: Coward

    Blaire: Weakling

    Serena: Officially Irrelevant

    11. Serena declares war on gossip girl

    12. They all decide to tell their secretes before gossip girl does at the after party

    13. Rufus apologizes to Lily

    14. Nate tells his grandfather about Katherine

    15. Chuck finally finds out that Nate and Blaire broke up (Nate tells him)

    16. Dan tells Serena he isn't interested in trying to take down gossip girl and wants to move along with his life and tells Serena that their friendship probably won't make it past high school

    17. Serena Nate Chuck and Blaire try to figure out gossip girl, They figure out that she is probably a senior like them, and they try to find out who it is by going through them one by one. Finally Serena tells Chuck to get the room quiet, and then she texts gossip girl

    18. Jonathen's phone rings and they all think it is him

    19. Jonothan tells them that he got into her server and has access to every email that she gets.

    20. Jenny finds her perfect piece of gossip that will make her queen

    21. Rufus convinces Dan to go to Nates Party

    22. Rufus and Lily finally make up

    23. Blaire and her mother discuss Chuck

    24. Nelly Yuki wants to tell Dan something, but doesn't end up saying it

    25. Jenny tells Blaire that she has her gossip and that it's about Blaire. Blaire tells Jenny that she wouldn't be queen if she uses

    26. Chuck is about to tell Blaire that he loves her when Gossip girl sends a text revealing every piece of gossip she hadn't posted yet Including Blaire and Chucks uncle

    27. Everyone gets into a fight about the information spread, and Chuck is angry with Blaire

    28. Serena trys to stop it, but everyone blames her for everyone on gossip girl

    29. Because gossip girl revealing everything she had, Jenny no longer has her piece of gossip to share

    30. Blaire try's to explain things to Chuck, but he is still to angry with her to say it

    31. Rufus finally proposes to Lily, but he doesn't have a ring to give her

    32. Serena confesses to Nate that the reason she wants to bring down gossip girl so much is because she doesn't want to lose her friends over it

    33. Serena decides to try to get Gossip girl to meet her by sending her a text that says i know who you are and a location to meet her at

    34.Blaire tells Jenny some gossip to give to the other girls so that she could have the best gossip, but Jenny refuses to use it ( the gossip is that Chuck denies that he loves Blaire again)

    35. Blaire gives Jenny some advice in how to suceed

    36. Blaire tells Jenny " for what it's worth, you're my queen. I choose you"

    37. Gossip girl outsmarts everyone again, she sends everyone texts to the location that serena is waiting at. She then sends another text telling them all that they were gossip girl, because she wouldn't be able to be gossip girl if it wasn't for them

    38. Serena and Blaire talk about how Chuck has been spotted in France and Germany

    39. Nate decides to go on the back packing trip with Vanessa after all

    40. Dan talks with a mysterious person at a coffee shop

    41. Blaire overthrows penolope and her posee's choice of the new queen by choosing Jenny over Emma, the girl that the other girls chose

    42. I won't spoil everything about the end because it is my favorite scene but Blaire finally gets the answer she has been looking for

    I hope this helped :)

    Source(s): My favorite show haha :) the finale was awesome!!
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    Okay so the show started with the graduation and during the ceremony gossip girl sends a blast saying:

    nate-class whore



    dan-insider and

    serena became irrelevant. and so sereena got mad and wanted to get back at gossip girl and durning the graduation party she sent a text to gossip girl and arron was the one who got it. But then he wasnt gossip girl he just hacked it. So after there was another party and at that party a HUGE blast was sent-dan and miss car-blair and jack-chuck and vanessa and stuff and then chuck was mad at blaire and so she ONCE again told him that she loved him and he ran away. So being upset and all everything was blown over and towards the end: rufus proposed to lily and she said yes and now they are engaged. and serena was about to go out of town when carter appeared with the info about her father and now shes off to find him and nate intership didnt work out and so he decided to go backpacking in europe with vanessa. And lily and rufus's son is alive and in town. Also dan got a call from georgina saying your money is back you can go to yale. and dan said im not goin to yale im goin to NYU and georgina said so i guess i will see you next year and hung up. And she requested to room with blaire.

    Btw chuck came back from europe with gifts for blaire and said finally what we have been all waiting for I Love You. and now they are a couple Sigh that was the best episode

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    Graduation happened, and Gossip Girl sent out a text saying labeling all the main characters, and promising more juice later. Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate hatch a plot to find out who Gossip Girl is and figure out it's Jonathon (Eric's boyfriend), but then discover he actually just hacked onto her account. At a party that night Gossip Girl spills everyone's old secrets (about Dan and Ms. Carr, Jenny taking pictures in her bra and Nate rescuing her, Blair sleeping with Jack over New Years, Chuck sleeping with Vanessa, etc.) and everyone freaks out. Before that, Blair was seducing Chuck and he was about to say "I love you," but when he finds out about Jack he's furious. She then starts to cry and says she loves him, and begs him to answer back, but he says he doesn't feel that way anymore, and walks away. Meanwhile people are still hatching a plot against Gossip Girl. Serena texts GG telling her to meet them at a bar, but instead of Gossip Girl, the whole senior class shows up. A blast then goes out saying that they're what make her up and help her, and that she's going to follow them throughout college. During all this, the search for the next Queen Bee is going on. Blair realizes Jenny should be it and makes her the queen (by putting a headband with diamonds on her head.) Rufus and Lily also make up and he proposes to her for real, and she says yes. At the end of the episode, Nate and Vanessa make up and Nate decides to quit the mayor intern job and go backpacking with her. Georgina calls to Dan to let him know she got back all the money Rufus invested from Poppy, and that she'll be going to NYU also. Then it shows her asking the admissions officer if she can room with Blair Waldorf, her "best friend." Carter Baizen also comes back, telling Serena that the thing they had apparently been "looking for" in Santorini was actually in Fiji, and hands her some papers with the P.I.'s info. When he gives them to her, she says "So you know where my real father is?", which is who they had been trying to find. Last, but BEST OF ALL, Blair is walking down the sidewalk and sees Chuck, who had been in Europe earlier, outside his limo holding a bunch of gifts. He says he went to all the countries to get her favorite things (Germany for her fave chocolate, etc.) and then says he had to come back to her, and he's tired of being a coward (which is what GG labeled his as in the beginning) and that he's ready to face her. Then he holds her and he says..... 'I love you too." She immediately kisses him and then they're laughing and hugging, and she's like "No, just say it again! One more time!" And he's like, "I love you" and kisses her, "I love you," *kiss* and it's basically the cutest thing ever.

    I'm sorry, I reread that and it's really confusing and doesn't make sense. I'm just so pumped about the finale! Check in a couple days for the full episode recap.

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    so basically everyones secrets have been told AT the grad party

    serena-not sure

    blair-that she slept with jack i think its hcucks uncle

    nate- he slept with that girl for money

    dan- he splet with the teacher

    jenny- she gotten photos taken by someone in that apartment the one time when she wasnt s upposed to be hanging out with that girl

    The gang(serena blair chuck nate) are trying to figure out who gossip girl is serena is the only one trying to figure out really, but goosip girl sends a text saying you will never know who i am and i will be with you guys next year in college so good luck lol

    and rufus proposes to lily

    i think it is rufus and lilys son that was supposedly dead comes to new york and meets dan but dan soesnt know it is him

    nate goes backpacking with vanessa

    jennys win the crown over the mean girls now she is in charge of them

    chuck finally said i love you to blair and in the end he gave her flowers and clothes stuff

    serena is going to find out who here dad is cause someone told her



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    Hi, Jenny left for boarding school. Giving away only as much, as you need to know. You should watch the third season anyways!!

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