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Why put tax on soft drinks? and raising price on stamp?

I don't wanna drink water, tea, and other craps.

I don't understand why Obama is lowering the middle class's and the poor class's tax, giving them tax refund...

Then put tax on soft drinks, and raise sale tax.

If they stop raising the stamp prices, then of course people will use email and phone call instead. Paying bills online.

Duh... post office in million dollars debt... Not my fault.

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    Water, tea and other crap are a lot healthier for you than soda.

    What's so hard about understanding that the people who make the least should not have to pay so many taxes?

    The post office has nothing to do with the above taxes, and the rise in the price of stamps was announced a long time ago.

    If you don't like it, go live in another country...guarantee you it will be worse.

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