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Is leaning over the tank on a motorcycle uncomfortable?

Is it uncomfortable.

Is there a sports bike which you don't have to lean over the tank? (Please provide examples)

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    It really depends on how far over you are. Many of the top of the line 1000's and 600's (Ie R6/R1/ZX-10/etc) have a fairly extreme riding position. If you want a more comfortable ride look at "sport touring" bikes for example something like a Honda VFR.

    The trick with bikes like that is to use your stomach muscles and the wind to hold your body up not your wrists. If you are only going to ride 50-100 miles/day and you are in good phyiscal condition any sport bike will be fine, if you are going to go on trips on it you might want to go for the sport touring type bikes.

    Also for many bikes there are aftermarket parts that can make them more comfortable. Things like Gen-mar bar risers or Heli-bars as well as footpeg swaps you can do to make more leg room.

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    Depends on the rider. I have a ruined back and the lay down riding position is the only way I can ride more than an hour or two.

    The Ninja 250 and Vstorm have the sport bike look but upright riding position. My VFR has lay down riding position but extra leg room. One bike doesn't fit all, when buying a sport bike you have to do some trying out to find one that fits your body situation.

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    As mentioned it depends on the rider and what you are doing. I am old and the position gets very uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. Last weekend I was on my bike for 15 hours covering over 1000 miles. Didn't get sore or uncomfortable but I was in a upright seated position. It's an individual thing. If you are racing it reduces wind resistance thereby enhancing speed but if you are touring or cruising it can get old, like me.

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    it's not uncomfortable to me, and im 5'5, touch the ground firmly on a 600, although you do touch the tank i little.

    if you prefer something where you dont lean over, one bike i know for sure would be the kawasaki ninja 250.

    sportbikes that make you sit up straight (like touring bikes like the kawasaki concours 14 works too) it all depends on what kind of cc power you want.

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    For some.

    Depends on the bike AND the rider.

    Sometimes I lean on my tank.

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