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how much a petroleum engineer?

how much money a petroleum engineer makes in a year and what they do in their jobs

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    Petroleum engineers can be field engineers, design engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, process engineers, chemical engineers, industrial (make believe) engineers, or civil engineers, or any mix of the list. Typically they should be strongest in process/chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering, but good foundation in civil engineering is helpful also.

    Field engineers are typically responsible for anything from drilling, well services, tool design and implementation, etc etc. The up side is that if you get an off shore job as a field engineer, you're set. You'll be getting paid a great salary and you'll be working too much to use any of it! ha ha.

    Design engineers would work on anything from well services, reservoir profiling, tool design, process or refinery engineering, plant operations, etc etc. They could also be responsible for product quality control.

    I'm not a fan of petroleum engineering as a degree choice. It somewhat locks you in to one industry. If you get a degree in chemical engineering you can get the same petroleum jobs but if you change gears and want to get into industrial chemicals then you would look better on paper.

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    Hello there! genius (it's a compliment). I am a graduate in Chemical Engineering and as far as I know, you should think according to your country statistics. I mean, whether its a petroleum-products or -raw-materials rich country or the case else-wise. But a chemical engineer is able to apply in all manufacturing industries whether they are general or petroleum & gas based. So, it is better to choose chemical engineering most usually. And if you want to do petroleum engineering and have interests in it, I think you should try for distinction in this, and by distinction I mean skillful through petroleum engineering knowledge plus a top score of GPA in your class. Choose sensibly as you like and never regret your decision.(:-) Good Luck!

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    It depends on the area of petroleum industry--





    product development


    For a major US corporation, $80K used to be (before the '08-'09 slowdown and economic disasters) the starting salary.

    Be aware the petroleum industry will go into decline soon, as the production peak has already passed.

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    What is exactly petroleum engineer?

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