Where can I get paid for blogging about my own ideas?

Where is somewhere I can get paid for blogging, or get some kind of good recognition for my writing?? I want to log about MY OWN topics.

Have YOU had any personal experience?? Around how much did u make?? ($$)

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    1 decade ago
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    Put lots of ads on your site. Try Adsense, ClickBank, etc. Sign up for affiliate programs of websites that sell products related to your topic. Take for example, if you sign up with Amazon, and your topic is about blu-ray discs, then you can promote blu-ray discs sold by amazon on your site. When someone reads your blog and sees the ad and buys the discs at amazon, thru your site, you get a commission.

    You can also sign up for paid-to-click (PTC) sites. In these sites, you can earn money by clicking on ads they provide. If you don't want to spend so much time clicking on their ads, you can just promote your PTC site account on your blog. Take for example, Rich PTC site ( http://www.richptc.com/index.php?ref=bizwiz )...you can register for free. Then when you have log in, you can start clicking on ads they provide you and promote your PTC site account on your ad. The ptc site will provide you with banners and links you can put on your blog site. When a reader, after reading your blog and clicking on your banner, register with the ptc site, they will become your referrals. At Rich PTC, you earn 50% commission on your referrals' earnings. You will earn more with this ptc because they pay clickers $1 per ad, so you get higher commission amount each time they click.

    I've done this and earned $6 on my first day, because of my referrals. Good luck and hope it helps you.

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