Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

Do you think this game is good? I have Monster Hunter Freedom 2 but I want to know that this game is better then the MHF2 version. I will totally buy this game if it's better.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    mhf unite is more of an expansion to mhf2 most likely u can import ur mhf2 file to mhf unite um theres more monsters like naruga karuga which is a panther version of tigrex urcalumbras or w/e is the ice version of akantar etc you can have felyne cats to help you fight by ur side so u can use them as a decoy i guess new weapons and armor set options since theres obviously new materials and i believe there is new areas O.o and the hr goes up to 9 instead of 6 there is a felyne elder now lol.. um yeah im totally getting it :O

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