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Are we losing the very thing our King told us was so important?

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Friendliness the spirit of comradeship .... I have written a partial except from the Kings Christmas speech below --- link above ( the King stutters but it is well worth your time to listen yourself )

"Of all the blessings me may count the chief one is that we are a friendly people.

We do not all think alike of course We are such a large family of nations it would be hard

We have come to learn that differences of opinions are not quarrels

If we can offer the world anything it is the example of tolerance and understanding that runs like a golden thread thought the great and diverse family of the British commonwealth of nations "


Are we losing the very values that our former King --- George the VI told us was our chief blessing and our greatly prized virtue ?

That we are a friendly people

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    What a timely topic Trout.

    Collectively? Yes. Actually, my husband and I were just discussing how you see very little grace and dignity in the world anymore. And I don't mean the pomp and circumstance variety that is displayed however disingenuously by some in the spotlight. But the kind that is extended between friends and neighbors. The kind, the gentle and the honest.

    It seems to be hiding or at least lost behind the dog eat dog mentality that has become so prevalent these days... that has become the norm. Where there is no more room for love, or friendship because there are different points of view. Pride, Greed, Ego... all serve to destroy those things that are most valuable in life.

    I said 'timely' because a friend of mine said to me just this morning, "Only a fool lets pride stand in the way of friendship." I couldn't agree more.. because at the end of the day, that's all there is. Family, love & friendship. How we we're treated and how we treated others. That's what we will be thinking about when we take our last breath.

    Source(s): Nice recording btw. It was quite clear.
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    Our king? Friendly people? What frarkin planet did you come from. Perhaps you don't remember how well the Brits got along with everyone. They have been in some war or another for thousands of years, as has most of humanity. And they were real civil with all their colonies, that's why none ever rebelled?

    These are noble kingly words and are examples of what he wishes and not what actually "was".

    Look at the native american situation. Tolerance - HA!

    Understanding - HA!

    This statement was meant to apply to the noble class and the peasants had to be "friendly" in the same way a slave is friendly so he doesn't get beaten.

    History moves on and wishing things that were never really true in order to glorify deeds in the past and belabor the inadequacies of the present is revisionism and rampant in those who live in a fog of delusion.

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    In a feeling, you're precise. Moses became into our terrific prophet/chief, and he wasn't a king nor became into he ideal. this is the essence of Judaism -- none individuals are ideal, yet we attempt to be the terrific that we are able to be. IMO, the observe messiah is used just to show a frontrunner. THE messiah would be the terrific of all leaders and could be king (president, top minister, or what have you ever) as quickly as we finally have prevalent peace in the international. "A prophet under no circumstances foretells 'a hard and fast, unchangeable destiny.' Prophets do not are anticipating what is going to ensue the next day. rather, 'they announce a recent that demands human selection and selection.' this is a recent 'wherein the destiny is being arranged' yet whose effect relies upon upon the artwork and judgements of human beings." actuality seeker Martin Buber, quoted from "A Torah remark for our cases" by using Harvey J. Fields Prophesy gives you coaching, and continuously has a ethical/ethical proponent. A prophet speaks for God in his own expertise. .

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    Yes i think so. Although many people are very friendly and nice, the general attitude of friendliness is declining. I believe that a decline from God and the Bible has caused a decline in moral values.

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    Yes we are losing the very values. But you can't blame just the kids. If the parents would teach them life would be better. And if it wasn't for the generation that took the very values out of school. Maybe things would be different.

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    Your country has always been the land of the lost.

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