How is the international space station used ?

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    The main reason the astronauts are at the International Space Station is for science and a large variety of experiments are done there. What all of the experiments have in common is that they have to improvise with what equipment is available due to the limited space available on the Station. There are two main research facilities on the Space Station: The Human Research Facility and the Microgravity Science Glovebox. Many experiments are done at the Human Research Facility to determine how well the human body can adapt to living in space. The Microgravity Glovebox allows astronauts to handle otherwise dangerous fluids in a sealed box using built-in gloves. Some examples of experiments currently being done by Expedition 10 (the crew of astronauts who arrived at the station in October of 2004) are:

    Observing and photographing natural and manmade changes on Earth over time as well as short timescale events like storms so we can better understand our planet

    Studying how humans behave in isolation and confinement

    Leaving potential future spacecraft equipment outside to see how well it withstands being in space to improve materials used to build spacecraft

    Studying magnetorheological fluids using the glovebox to hopefully lead to the construction of better brake systems, seat suspensions, and airplane landing gear here on Earth

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