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What is the basis of yr faith ??

Logics OR Emotions ?

tell me what is yr faith

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    Logic and emotion.... hindu

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  • LJM
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    I am a Christian but I wasn't saved until I was an adult. My life was a mess and I was not happy and had no purpose except selfish ones. There are some miraculous things that brought me to God (too long for here). Once I trusted Jesus, I ceased to exist. Someone new came alive in me. My logic tells me that faith worked a miracle in my life. I cannot logically discount what God has done ever since.

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    My faith is based on logic. Emotion is, however, important; but I do not base my faith upon it. Emotions can be wrong. The Bible makes sense, no on can deny that.

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    " Shri Radha and Krishna" because both Logics and Emotions can be experienced in the form of Bhakti.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the basis of my faith is something i can relie on and gane knowledge from its more of what i feel nothing in this world seems very logical unless you live in a box nothing living has a fixed shape

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    love is the only thing that i got faith in

    i cling to love like you do to religion

    niether can be met with logic or reason

    its just a feelin you gotta believe in.

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    Atheist and I believe in Logic

  • dd
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    1 decade ago

    Direct experiences

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    is it based on logical thought or purely emotional - i think is what you mean - we all know that answer to that -

    emotion blinds people from sound judgement - everyone knows that

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    I'm agnostic, but I have stopped believing in what I /hoped/ to be true.

    Logic is the way to go.

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