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should we get another dog?


so this in my question, should we get another dog?

We have a 5 year old english springer and she is amazing! We have done every thing you can with her. She is also a very well trained dog. She is good with people, children, other dogs, horses ect. The reason we want another one is simply because we would like having another one around the house. If we were to get another dog, it would be from the same breeder and would prob be a male. Space is not an issue. We believe that we could take care of another dog. But before we go rushing into this, we want to know every thing there is to know about having another dog.

so plz fill use in what is it like having two dogs?

how have you found it?

any problems?

What do you like about having two dogs?


i forgot to say my dog is VERY GOOD with other dogs!

We have had some of aware friends dogs come and stay with use and she doesn't bat an eye.

i don't think there will be a problem, with the dog we have now being jealous, she just isn't like that. And the breed isn't ether.

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    Sure! Why not? It sounds like you are a good dog owner with a well-behaved dog. You already understand what it takes to train a dog to behave that well. It should be easy to train a new puppy because she will mimic the habits of the your adult dog who already behaves well.

    Positives: I like having two dogs because then they can play together and they have a friend to stay with them when I'm not home. Its really not any more work to me having two dogs than one (once the first is trained). After all, if you feed one dog you might as well feed two! Let one dog out, the other one goes with! Lol. I also like the company! If one dog is sleeping, the other one is sitting next to me.

    Negatives: The only negative that I feel is an issue is that sometimes its nice to just relax and hold one leash and not two! My dogs walk nicely on leashes, but when they are together they seem more excitable on walks and I have to be slightly more alert! Also, the dogs aren't more work but the shedding and paw print clean-up is more work!

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    I don't two dogs but i was offered to get a second dog i turned it down. The reasons were my dog would get very jealous you need to read up the breed and make sure they are not a jealous type of dog.

    Think about many questions, taking the dogs out could you cope with holding two leads?

    Giving one dog more love than the other one may be a issue as the first dog may say to the other this is my home i was here first. For this reason they could not get along.

    There are also alot of good things that come with having two dogs you just need to fully think it through.

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    Well, it is kind of hard to take care of two or more dogs, like house training them, food, leashes, collars, vaccinations, and et cetera.

    Ask yourself some questions like; is a big dog good for indoors? (which is not that good of an idea), what kind of dog should I get?, what is the greatest temperament for it?, does it need much exercise?, can I keep it inside for long periods of time?, can I take responsibility in this dog?, and so on.

    If you are a good dog owner and you had experience in training dogs and stuff, try out these questions and search for some dog breeds that you would like, and see if one dog or the other will be the best to fit your home you are planning to give them. Go to your local animal shelter, or the pound, or a breeder, or whatever, just rescue a dog, it's better to get one at one of those selected places.

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    Well having 2 dogs can be a great experience, but you have to make sure you're really ready for it. Are you willing to put in the work that you did for the first one again? Can you afford it? Can you give it equal love? If so, then go for it! One thing I would suggest though is maybe considering adoption first before you go buy from a breeder.

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    Basically having two dogs means double the amount of food eaten, double the vet bills, etc. But my two dogs play all the time and keep each other company. To me, it's no harder than having one, with the exception of everything costs twice as much.

    I'm not so sure I recommend you getting a young puppy. A lot of times older dogs don't tolerate puppies well. I suggest getting a dog around the same age as your dog is now.

    Make sure your dog is fixed before getting another dog, as well as any other dog you get.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. We have two dogs Kole and Katie. Dogs are pack animals and I feel need at least another dog around. Here are some pictures of our dogs.

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    I have 4. Technically 2 but I take care of 2 strays. The pound came and put traps out. I let them out. In my area they put them to sleep right away. My dogs are a German Shepherd and a Shepherd/Husky mix (beautiful dog!) They all play together and share food. It all depends on the temperament of your dog. If she is good with all walks of life... get her a friend. You will all be happy about it.

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    okayy, i used to have a dalmatian and a lab,

    the dalmation was invited into our home after about 4-5 years with lab.

    and they loved each other! ( most of the time)

    They played together, although the dal would get jelous if we gave our lab more attention, which we tryed not to do, but sometimes it just happened!

    the lab taught her a lot. e.g not to run away too far away from us on walks in the forest. our lab used to growl at our dal if she went to far, and would run back to us and the dal would folo hehe.

    they were very nice to each other..

    My lab died wen my dal was about 5, she was absolotly devestated!!

    wouldnt eat for days, looked so depressed, but she did get over it.

    now i know you might be thinking oh my god, what if my dog gets really depressed if my spaniel dies, well you have to think of it like this..wouldnt you rather have 2 happy dogs that loved each other to bits, played with each other, slept with each other for years and then one of them is unhappy for no more than a month because the other dies,

    or just risk having one dog and the dog being happy at that.

    i know i would choose the first one, because my dal loved having another dog to play with!

    i think you should absoloutly do it!


    Jelousy: Your spaniel could easily get jelous of your new dog, as she has suddenly had a lot of teh attention taken off her onto the pupy. want you need to do is to make your spaniel 100% higher in the pack then your new pup. if both of the dogs came runnign up to you looking for attention, smother your spaniel in kisses, so she will know you arent pushing her out because of the new pup.

    be reserved around the new pup, of course you can cuddle him/her but make sure you clearly show your spaniel is the leader.

    Your dogs may get on perfectly well, but if not at first, you must assign your spaniel higher then the pup! cant stress this too much! let the spaniel sleep on your bed if neccasarily, feed the spaniel first.

    carry this on for about 2 weeks and the pup will know his place,

    then gradually start feeding them together ect, so they start becoming at the same pack level,then the pup wont try challenge the spaniel, so there will be no jelousy. if the pup starts challenging the spaniel, carry on with feding and sleeping techniques until ur pup gets the message her will never be higher in the pack than ur spaniel.

    the object is after a month or two, you get your dogs at the same level in the pack, then they should be happy :):)

    gd luck

    sorry bout long message!


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    Hello, sweety. I have 9 dogs and I am a foster home. So, I really can't give you a good answer about just having 2 because I can't remember when that ever happened.

    And if you do decide please consider adopting/rescuing.

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    We have 3 and it's always a zoo at my house. It's absolutely wonderful! It's a lot of work to keep all of the exercised properly, eating properly, going to the vet, but it works well.

    Just be prepared to double your vet bill. :)

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