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MTV Movie awards question ???


i have to work tonight so im gonna miss the show

so does anyone know if they replay the show after it ends on like another station or whatever

i cant make the 9 pm show so is it on again tonight


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    I believe it comes on right after the first one ends......then they usually replay the award show a couple more times throughout the next week. Dont worry you w ont miss the show :)

    here is the showings

    MTV Sun, May 31

    9:00 PM 2009 MTV Movie Awards

    MTV Sun, May 31

    11:30 PM 2009 MTV Movie Awards

    MTV Mon, Jun 1

    8:00 PM 2009 MTV Movie Awards

    MTV Tue, Jun 2

    3:00 PM 2009 MTV Movie Awards

    MTV Thu, Jun 4

    12:00 AM 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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    Dont worry mtv will play it atleast 10 ten times before the week is over

    it will be on again put money on it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dont can see it online..or on mtv tomorrow morning..andd they definitely replay it 1000 times...

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    it comes back on at like 11:30 then you can see it tomorrow same time

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