What's the deal with this "Whale Wars" show on Animal Planet?

What I mean is, is whaling illegal? I understand animal rights activists (although it's pretty tough to live a life void of all products created at the demise of animals) but does this bunch of people run any risk of being arrested for piracy, or are they trying to enforce some law that prohibits whaling?

I went to the site on Animal Planet, but I'm not sure the information there is all up to par....beings how that's the channel sponsering the show.


Why the hell would I write a letter to my congressman???

Dear Congressman,

I have a question about this show on Animal Planet..

get real

Update 2:

So if they secured a permit they are legal...or am I missing something?

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    The show is chasing the Japanese whaling fleet who have secured a permit to take whales off Antarctica. The Japanese say they are whaling for scientific research, however others argue that they are hunting them for food. Either way, many are upset that the Japanese fleet is harvesting whales, so the show is about a group of people trying to prevent the harvest.

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    i think of all of us could have a instruct on the slaughtering of any animal. Sea Shepherd and Capt. Paul Watson have a great ego. They act like the homicide of whales is the main important problem on earth. What bearing directly to the slaughtering of elephants in Africa? C'mon on. they are going after the eastern because of the fact they are too worried of going after the different usa. i do no longer think of this problem could be happening if it became Russia, China, or Iran people who kill whales. Why no longer complication bearing directly to the genocide in Darfur? or maybe the situation in North Korea? Or what the 8 year old getting married in Saudi Arabia?

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    It's hard to say, all you can do on your part for the mean time is write a letter to your congressman and see if that would work.

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