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where can Moses be found in the Old Testament (book,verse)?

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    Birth of Moses, House of Levi, Exodus Chapter 2, to young adulthood, met and married Zipporah, had a son named Gershom, etc. Verses 1-25

    Moses working in the flocks of Jethro, an angel appeared to him in a flame of fire announcing the presence of God, Moses removed his shoes in his presence and God told him to assemble the elders of Israel, told him He is the Lord God of his forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, announced He would bring them out of Egypt with His miracles, etc. Chapter 3 Verses 1-22

    Moses shown the miracle of the sapphire staff, shown how the spiritual disease of leprous can be healed, discusses bringing the righteous out to the land flowing with milk & honey along with the Divine Sparks found in the descendants of Israel (Isaac), announced His attribute title as "I Will Be" to be said to the people, and to offer up the Thanksgiving Offerings (God-Fearing, as done in each generation since Adam to Noah, to Shem (Melchizedek, the first righteous king of Salem [future city of Jerusalem]) to Abraham, to Isacc, to Jacob, so forth, to God Himself, etc. V. 22 of Chapter 4 has the line God said: "My firstborn son is Israel." Zipporah circumcised Moses and her son. The people believed, etc. Chapter 4, v. 1-31

    The burdens put on the workers by the taskmasters of Egypt, Moses and Aaron met with Pharaoh again. Chapter 5, v. 1-23

    God announced His esoteric title as the 4 Letters for the first time & tells of His meetings with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses instructed to knock on Pharaoh's door again. God announced who are the heads of the fathers' houses and history, etc. Chapter 6, v. 1-30

    Chap. 7, v. 1-29: God said to Moses he is now a lord over Pharoah of Egypt, and Aaron, his bro, is to be Moses' speaker, like in royality thing. Moses was 80 then, bro was 83. God spoke to both Moses and Aaron ... and the rod into serpent thing and the 1st plague appeared, water into blood, the righteous has pure water. Then we go to the croakers who will appear as 2nd plague chap. 8.

    Chap 8, v. 1-28: Frogs, lice and more burdens on the righteous. Priests of black magic went head to head w/Moses. First mention of enemies of the righteous use stone throwing ... noxious creatures come & go ... Pharaoh hardened his own heart, God agreed.

    Source(s): They are over 178 times Moses is mentioned and serves God etc. Go to Chabad.org, type in search, Torah with Rashi commentary, all 5 Books will appear, type in Exodus, search "Moses" but from there on to the end of the Torah, Moses is there. Not enough room here. Many others from other countries, including Egypt became witnesses to God's Testimony and were given the neshoma which included Pharoah's daughter who raised Moses, when she died, she went directly to Heaven for her "beyond the call of the righteous" deal. So, that is how so many races were included right from the start.
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    Exodus, chapter 2, verse 1. But he isn't referred to by name until verse 10.

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    Exodus chapters 2-34

    numbers 20:12, 27:12-13

    deuterom..(however its spelled) 1:37, 3:23-28, 34

    hope this helped!

    Source(s): the BIBLE
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    The adventures of Moses can be found in several books, from Exodus to Deuteronomy. Pretty much all of Exodus is about Moses. You can't nail it down to one book.verse because, well, it's all about him.

    Source(s): The Bible
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    Exodus 2:1 is where he officially enters the story. Exodus 1:1-22 is important, though.

    Source(s): the Bible :D
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    Exodus and Dueteronomy

    mention of him in the new testament as well

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    I think it's in Exodus when the slaves flee from Egypt. Sorry if that's not much help.

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