Chrysler purchased by fiat?

north american automakers return money back into the economy, but, with fiat purchasing chrysler, does that mean that the money i use to buy a vehicle by dodge, jeep or chrysler will go to france,

like, when you buy a honda etc. none of the money (besides taxes) comes back into america...

if so, than chrysler is no longer an "all american"

are we down to two now?

(treat all these statements as questions please)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Fiat is Italian.

    2. Yes, Chrysler is no longer an American automaker, but then again it hasn't been for years. Daimler (German) bought Chrysler, realized it was getting burned, and sold them off to a naive private equity firm.

    3. GM (Government Motors) is now state-owned. Hardy "All-American".

    So, we're down to one: Ford. Ford is the only true American automaker we've got left, and its about time we got behind the boys from Dearborn as they prove to GM and Chrysler what a true restructuring looks like, not at the expense of the taxpayer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fiat just got the approval to purchase the majority of Chrysler's assets. that's just assets though, actual control of the company will be 20% Fiat and 55% UAW. It will increase to 35% Fiat with an option to buy 16% more of the stock if they meet certain requirements. Prior to this it was not 100% American anyway. much of the products used are bought from overseas and a lot of the factory work was done in "Free Trade zones" which are areas in foreign countries (i.e. Mexico) where they consider the factory to be American soil, but the workers are not American, but they get paid by the American company, and their pay goes back into their country.

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